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The Nucleus is not reachable. I did all HW resets from RAM to M2 etc.
Then connected a Monitor and keyboard to see how the OS is doing.

Could be the static IP is corrupted but there is no way to reset it. You must implement a HW Reset.

When the GUI is not working you are lost. If there is any hidden OS secrets that could solve my problem please let me now.

If you’ve set a static address on your Nucleus, and your home network is no longer using 10.0.0.x addresses, then you need to reset your Nucleus network address like this:

Just an additional thought, if you are still using the 10.0.0.x address range in your home network, and you had set a static address of in the Nucleus - have you got a clash because your DHCP server in your network has given this address to another device as well?


Tks but the Network is fine I did the "workaround " with an external NW Adapter to got back in the game.

There is a way to reset the network by hooking up a keyboard to the nucleus and typing ‘resetnetwork’ or something of the sort. The exact command can be found in the kb.

Ahem - look upwards… :grinning: