Nucleus connect to Drobo DAS and NAS

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Spectrum High Speed Internet and Cable Modem, Netgear Orbi Router. Wired ethernet to 2017 iMac and Nucleus. Drobo 5DT DAS Thunderbost connection to iMac. Drobo 5N2 NAS wired ethernet to same area network.

Connected Audio Devices

Gryphon connected by USB to Nucleus

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I would like to connect my Nucleus + to either Drobo, but cannot. I have tried to using my limited knowledge of network settings. I am able to find the ip addresses of the equipment, but I cannot seem to come up with the correct entries to use in the Nucleus setup.

Any tips?

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Take a look at this thread.

Hi @Mr_Todah,

Thank you for patiently awaitng a response from Roon support.

It looks like @Martin_Webster found a great precedent to help with your issue. Did it? Is there anything I can do to assist?

Please let us know and thank you.


Thank you. I was able to get it to connect by using the name of the Drobo, not the iP address in the smb path.

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