Nucleus/Core connected to Orbi Satellite?

Has anybody successfully connected their Nucleus/Core into a Orbi satellite into on of the ethernet connecters? Any success? Might need it as a band aid until I run a ethernet directly into my Nucleus.

If you search the forum there are a few threads about it, for example.

I had many issues when I initially connected Roon Core to a Orbi network. It took time and some fiddling but what seemed to work was adding unmanaged switches between the Orbi router and my core device and I also plugged my DAC connection into the switch.

Thanks. Like I said it’s just a temporary solution until a CAT 6 wire is run from my router. The Orbi mesh system is in AP mode connected to my FIOS router, which is not broadcasting a wireless single.

So you connected the unmanaged switch into the satellite? Then core and DAC into the switch?

I bought an extra Orbi sat for just this purpose. Macbook Core, CCA and Raspberry PI control display all connect to the Orbi Sat’s ethernet bridge ports. Works flawlessly. This is probably the next best thing to having a direct wired ethernet connection. One dedicated channel for cross Orbi communication really improves the latency and reliability.

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Thanks looks like a very sweet set up!

Comes with a martini as well. :wink:

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Looks shaken ?
Also any problems streaming 192/24 files?

Nope. Sometimes Qobuz will just quit on a particular track, but that seems to be a reliability issue with the Qobuz service vs. any local network issues. I’ll often have a remote connection open to the Macbook Core when this happens and the Core’s network connection is always fine.

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Maybe not. I never have that problem with Qobuz.

Um. I didn’t think Quboz streams in 192?

Yes, they do.

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Thanks. I’m a tidal user. Haven’t seen any 192 files on Tidal. Maybe they don’t stream it? Only seeing 96?

I have 67 Qobuz albums in 24/192 linked from Qobuz. I don’t own any music files.

Tidal has 24/192 but they are folded in MQA to 96 or 48. If you don’t have an MQA DAC, you should probably subscribe to Qobuz instead of Tidal.

I could run a network analyzer on it, but it happens so infrequently it’s not worth the trouble. Maybe a couple of times a month. And honestly Comcast is so sh*tty in my neighborhood it’s just as likely that.

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I was referring to your Quboz files streaming. Or @MenloBob streaming his files. BTW. I see a Beck Mutations is available on Tidal 192. I’ll try it later.

It depends on your DAC. If you don’t have an MQA DAC, you will get the first unfold from the Roon core which will give you 24/96. Of course, you have to have the Roon software set to decode MQA.

Thx. My Oppo 105 DAC can decode 192. I have several downloads from HD tracks that play perfectly. Just haven’t seen them on streaming services.

But, if you have Tidal, you can’t decode to 24/192 unless you have an MQA DAC which your Oppo does not have. You will get 24/96 by virtue of Roon software decoding of MQA from 48 to 96. That’s why I suggested you would do better with Qobuz.

Tidal only does CD quality and MQA. MQA requires an MQA DAC. Roon and Tidal software can do the first unfold from 44.1 to 88.2 and 48 to 96. Qobuz streams 24/96 and 24/192 which your Oppo can do.