Nucleus failing to access a hard drive file on a windows pc

I Typed in share location and add process started and then it said in red box that ‘could not connect or share. Host not found’

Has anyone ever done this???
Does anyone know how to do this.
My win pc is set up to allow shared file access.

Here’s how I access my files, using the URL:

Thanks , how do I locate 192 info
Mine is but what else do I need?
I spent past 2 days on this

Hello @richard_a,

See this article on our knowledgeable about adding a Windows Share to a Roon Core:


1.1 is your router, 1.8 is my NAS, so identify the url of the pc or device your trying to save too, then use a share name, Downloads was the folder on my Nas i exposed or shared

I also had roon core on my win pc and then bought a nucleus and it could not see my pc stored files. It can be an extreme nightmare to get it to work. Guidance from roon is very challenging, it’s there but still very detailed and challenging, a nightmare.

My rec is too transfer all music files to an external drive or thumbnail and then connect it to the nucleus and transfer files to an internal drive on the nucleus that needs installation. SAVE yourself agony and pain, abandon efforts to use a desktop with a nucleus.

Roon support is not very helpful to resolve issue.

I can’t see desktop from nucleus.

Roon please advise.

I added network share on nucleus and came back with error message.

Why don’t it work???

Without any details or screenshots or fuller explanation; how do you expect anyone to help, by guessing?

I have found Windows 10 sharing to be severely broken and gets worse with every update. The only way it works successfully for me is if I create a specific user and then allow it access to the shares location, guest access won’t work under Windows 10 home at all they removed it and it has issues with my login remotely.

Add it under network share \\ipaddress\share or smb://ipaddress/share.

What are you trying to do ?

I guess see drives in yourPC as a pseudo NAS ?
Or use Windows pc as a remote ?
What ???

More details would help

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Hey Roon admin.
Please set up screenshots to show how to access a windows desktop. I use a nucleus and can’t access my music files.

Better guidance would really help.

You mean this Help article?

Have you read the knowledge base. It sets out there how to add it as I did futher up.

Ensure you can access the share elsewhere first as Roon won’t see it if it’s not properly shared.

Things to try:

Make sure Windows PC is on same network/subnet

Make sure Windows network discovery and sharing is on

Make sure the drive/folder you are trying to access is shared

Make sure Windows is set to private network

You may also need to do this:

Network share not working. win 10 Seems to be set correctly

Are there any humans at roon I can talk too???

Put in @support, that alerts the “humans”

Please describe your system details , it’s the first thing anyone is going to ask,

Isn’t this a second thread ?

What’s are you trying to achieve with a Nucleus and a Win 10 Pc. Mostly you have one or the other.

Trying to acces music files from desktop using nucleus?.?

Having Network share access problem and can’t find answer.
Any humans available to speak??
Why so hard to understand?


Your topic has been moved to the support section of the forum.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

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Having serious problems connecting network share between win10 desktop and nucleus. Discovery ain’t workin. Using a home network.

Roon is on the win 10 desktop and was used before getting nucleus. Can’t acces my music files from desktop. Want to move to the ssd on nucleus.

Knowledge base not helpful

Can I speak to someone???