Nucleus intermittently loses connection

Hi @beka. Yes they did. I sent out the Nucleus this morning. Thanks for you help! Larry.


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@beka I am awaiting my unit to be returned from RMA. I choose not to repair the unit. Cost was almost half that of a new Nucleus.

RMA mentioned that the Ethernet port seemed loose. Not sure if that would necessarily power the unit off and reboot

I’ll see how things progress and reasses when my Roon membership expires.

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Thanks Larry
Pretty maddening issue.
Good luck

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I have a REV A. ~12,000 tracks. I would like to upgrade the memory. What are my options? I’m assuming it has 4gb currently? What should I upgrade it to? 8/16/32 GB? Is the only one slot?

If anyone can provide a link (from Amazon) of what I should get , would be very helpful.


This may help, although it’s a later + the principle and the knowledge within should help.

I started that thread
Just put 32gb of RAM in mine
Dont notice much difference

thanks. does the regular Nucleus (rev a) have 2 slots?

were you having performance issues? Crashes?

4GB will be more than enough for 12000 tracks; hence there can not be crashes because of too little RAM. I’m confused; why upgrade the RAM ?

Not sure. I read that extra memory prevents multiple crashes?

Nothing wrong with RAM upgrade, but if your system need more memory than you got; Nucleus will crash, but this will not happen with 12000 tracks. I ran more than 150.000 tracks with 8GB; and it became iffy when doing analysis of tracks in the background while doing other heavy usage.

I upgraded my Nucleus from 4 to 8, then from 8 to 16. I did it just for the heck of it. I only have 42 local tracks.

@Jim_F . What issues were/are you having?

Not any. As I said, I just upgraded for the heck (fun) of it.

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Trying not to make this a crazy thread. My Nucleus reboots randomly. I can go a week/10days with no issues. Then it will crash every few hours. I figured this would be the last attempt of a fix before i leave Roon.

Have you created a support thread regarding this with all the relevant details included?
I’m going to take a guess it’s not memory that’s the issue so that might not help you much in this instance.

Yes, Yes and Yes. RMA stated that i have a bad Ethernet port problem. But obviously thats not the case.

Hi @Larry_Gelman ,

I’ve merged your new thread into your existing thread so that we can have all the information in one place.

I looked over your case history and it does appear that the Ethernet is loose from our evaluation of the unit. This can certainly cause connectivity errors and make it looks as if the Nucleus is crashing, but in reality, it is disappearing from the network.

Since you have opted not to have the unit repaired, we can assume that this same behavior is happening on your end. One potential solution to the Ethernet port issue is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter, connect the adapter to the Nucleus and plug in the Ethernet cable to the adapter instead of the built-in Ethernet port. While we haven’t done thorough testing on Ethernet adapters, most popular one’s that advertise linux compatability should work, i.e: Amazon - Linux USB to Etherent Adapter

I would give the Ethernet adapter a try first, and then if you are still seeing issues we can circle back and take another look, thanks!


@noris. Thanks. I forgot to try the Ethernet adapter. Using it now and will report back