Nucleus put in new network (after I moved), Mac won't connect as remote

Nucleus firmware 1.0, core 1.7
Mac Catalina 10.15.7
Mac Book pro Retina

I connected the Nucleus to my access point via Ethernet Cable
It shows up on my network and via IP the web interface is accessable.
I reninstalled the Roon download on mac, BUT: when I start the software I do NOT get the option to use as remote, it says “choose your roon core”, it shows my nucleus, then I choose connect, i gave in uid and password, it takes a while, then it states “you are already signed in”, press “go back”.
Point is I can not get roon remote software or choice, what to do?
BTW: I get the same message on my iphone when using the roon remote

Welcome to the community @Bavo_Van_den_Heuvel.

When you choose your Roon Core, do you see an option to Unauthorize your Core?

If so, click it to Unauthorize. You should then be able to log in to Roon.

Cheers, Greg

hi Greg, the solution (but not 100% stable) was that I allowed UPnP traffic on my network… now the mac finds the nucleus as do the iphone and ipad. These are to a regular user really advanced settings. This is something I had to do via the mgt console of my ISP’s access point (Telenet Belgium).

Having broadcast traffic switched off is not a normal default setting.

for Telenet ISP this seems the default

That’s very odd for a home network. Was it a upnp setting or was it called something else?

It is not stable, once in a while (while using my macbook as remote) the music stops. I looked at it with Wireshark (I am not a network engineer :-), and before it stops there are a lot of “tcp retransmission” errors

This sort of thing is why roon, and advanced users, recommend getting a better router than the one that comes from the ISP.

115 is my laptop, 150 is Nucleus, any clue?

will have soon other router (temporarily in rental appartment), any recommendations?

Not my area but there are always threads on the forum if you look around😃

thanks Ged wil look out for it

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