Occasionally Song abruptly stops and skips to next song

Sonictransporter as Rune core - Ethernet
Streaming from Tidal and from an internal hard drive in the Sonictransporter

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet. Units are plugged into the same switch. All switches are new. Recently replaced.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lumin T2 network player - Ethernet

Description Of Issue

So recently chased down an audio dropout issue. (Replaced all switches and a faulty Ethernet wall Jack).

Now during listening sessions, completely random timing, a song will abruptly stop and go the next song in the queue.

This has only been noticed after the other issue with dropouts was solved, and happening over the past few days, so I’m assuming this is something related to the latest Roon update to 778

Any guidance would be appreciated

Same here, occasionally abrupt dropouts and jumping to next in the queue. Seems like a new issue with my setup (Macmini core > wifi > Bluesound Node 2 > coax > Dac (Topping D70s). Streaming from Tidal & own collection also.
What I did notice: when I put crossfading too high, it happens more often. I have put it at 1s now which seems to be better.

Thanks for the info.

Not using cross fading or any other setting other than the standard setup.

I think it’s a new bug…

Hey @Todd_Strockoz,

Thanks so much for painting a clear picture of your context and letting us know of the issue you ran into - sorry about that and for taking this long to reply. We were hoping it was going to be much sooner :pleading_face:

Are you still experiencing this? And, if so, does it happen with all your end points? Are these local files, or TIDAL or Qobuz streaming?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Yes. Only one endpoint in use.
Streamed from Tidal when listening to an entire album or Roon radio.



Hey @Todd_Strockoz,

This reply might be reaching you too late. Please, accept my apology :pleading_face:

Could you please try:

  • Navigating to Settings → Services and logging out of TIDAL
  • completely rebooting your Core
  • Logging back into TIDAL in Settings → Services


Yea still happening. Been there and done that multiple times on the log in and out of tidal, reboot core, etc. replaced all my switches in my network. Reset router and modem…

Frustrating as I can stream 4K movies without issue.

Only one endpoint using Roon at this time.

Hey @Todd_Strockoz,

I am very much sorry and at the same time grateful for all the effort you put into making this work. Any chance you’ve also cleared the cache? If you haven’t, here are the instructions:

  • Stop Roon on the Core machine
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Restart Roon on the Core


In our PM, I think you arrived at the conclusion that local file playback is not a problem, but Tidal has gaps.

If I haven’t told you to try Qobuz, please consider it.


Heya @Todd_Strockoz , could I ask you to check something for me please. As you are having an issue with the streaming side of things it got me thinking. Can you please run a speedtest - using a wired connection - at DSLREPORTS.COM - run it a few times. What result do you get for bufferbloat? It could be a latency issue - not speed issue - on the internet connection.

ran it a few times, and get an A+ rating - barely gets above 3ms.

These days everybody have more than enough bandwidth, but I believe the problem is usually with the regional Tidal (or Qobuz) servers.

@wklie I like Tidal for their music options. Qobuz does not always have what I want, and… a reason I purchased the Lumin T2 was for MQA compatibility…This is IMHO a Roon Issue here as this ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE LUMIN APP… Caps at the situation and ROON monitors…not directed at you, as you have been fantastic with all of the help and support representing Lumin.

Frustration as I could have kept my previous rig which sounded great (not as good as the Lumin though) and saved a considerable investment and frustration. Beyond the return period now so at this point I’m bearing with it as I have to. Love the sound, hate this damn issue. Super relaxed listening to music and then the glitch happens and my blood pressure spikes…

And a reminder for all monitoring this - did not happen with ROON and Tidal with my previous set up from Auralic. Many complaints on these boards with this issue…shouldn’t have to change service to fix a software issue.

Thanks for allowing me to vent here

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Indeed. But bandwidth (speed) has no bearing on latency (caused by bufferbloat).

Hmm. Was hoping it might have been a fix :thinking:

Have you set the router DNS to then reboot the whole network including Roon Core and all endpoints, as I suggested a while ago in PM?

Will give it a shot tomorrow…done for the night

Thanks for the suggestion

Yes I have verified it was set to And rebooted, unplugged, waited, powered up., etc.

That is true. If it’s a latency caused issue, I still believe it is occurring at the Tidal server side rather than from the ISP to the user. That’s why I suggested changing the DNS, this way hopefully a different regional Tidal server is chosen (but I do not claim to actually know how things work at this level, and I may be wrong).

Hey @Todd_Strockoz,

Thanks for working investing so much time and effort in this. We do want to help. To this end, I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue, so they can take a closer look at your case and share possible next steps.

We kindly ask for a little more of your patience :pray: