Old albums showing as recently added after migrating to a RoonServer Setup

Recently I have moved from a standalone Roon install to a RoonServer setup.

I followed the instructions on backing up and moving my Roon folder over to preserve by existing database which seems to have all worked, except for the fact that hundreds of old albums are now showing as ‘New’ in the ‘Recently Added’ view.

Is this supposed to happen - Can this be fixed?

I really liked my library the way it was having added many new albums so far this year.

Hey @akp42 – the import dates shouldn’t change during the migration over to RoonServer – was their any change to your storage device, or files that might cause Roon to consider your files as new? If the import dates have been lost, it does sound like something has gone wrong here.

Was anything else lost in the migration, like edits? If Roon is considering all the albums to be new imports, it may be worth looking into exactly how you migrated and seeing if something went wrong along the way.

Let me know the details of how you migrated, whether there were any changes to your storage setup, and whether anything besides import dates didn’t make it through the migration, and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.

Also, for what it’s worth – if nothing was affected except import dates, you can go into the track browser, select all tracks, and bulk edit the import dates back to when the files were modified or created. My Roon database goes back to May, but with my import dates all set to their file modification dates, sorting my library by import dates gives me a nice clear picture of when I acquired each album going all the way back to 2009.


@mike, one of the inconveniences of the import date resetting is that it activates the “new” flag, which can obscure genuinely new albums. It could be helpful for users to be able to unset the “new” flag when changing storage or when editing the import date.

Hi mike, so far it doesn’t look as though anything else has been effected. All my tidal albums and favorites are there as well as all my imported albums. However, at least half of the albums are showing as new and recently imported, when in fact they are old existing albums.

In regards to how I migrated the database, I followed your instructions. I copied a backup of my Roon folder to my Nas, then copied this to my new machine. I then renamed this folder to RoonServer and ran the RoonServer installer. I then renamed the Roon folder on my original machine to Roon.OLD and ran the Roon installer to reinstall, and connect as a remote.

The original machine and the new machine both access music stored on a NAS which is mapped as N:\Music, so nothing should have changed there also. The weird thing is that the ‘New’ albums showed up straight away. Didn’t seem like it would have had time to ‘reimport’ so many albums - they normally don’t show up that quick.

I effectively have 2 backups of the original Roon folder, so is it worth me starting over again?

Hey @akp42 – thanks for the extra info. I’d like to grab some logs from you. That should help us understand what happened here.

I’m going to send you a PM – stand by!