Oppo 203 Setup ? [Roon video output]

I’m new user trying the trial version.
I have a fully functional late 2013 iMac that was just collecting dust. Got Roon installed and running using my old late 2013 iMac and a display port to HDMI adapter routed to my Oppo 203 input. Have a Marantz a7705 as my processor. I can get sound out and video but I’m hoping for a better outcome regarding the video aspect.

I thought that the display would mimic what’s showing on the screen of my iMac but my vidoe is only displaying a picture of the album art and the track info. I’m hoping that I have a setting not configured so please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

If I’m understanding what you expected/wanted, a full image of the Roon UI, I don’t believe that is available with the HDMI output from the Roon application.

Ok, Is the 1st screen shot the best video I can get with how I have it connected? What are my other options because I like the look of the display on my iMac, but the display on Oppo is lame. I’m still trying to understand how all this works.

The Roon display by HDMI is what you get in the first picture.

If you want the full Roon UI mirrored to the TV, you can use Chromecast on Android and Windows or system AirPlay on Apple devices to mirror the whole display. The receiver will need to have a way to receive this. (E.g., built-in Chomecast or a Google Chromecast device, or an Apple TV)

As you seem to be using a Mac, AirPlay it is. No idea if the Oppo can receive AirPlay video.

@Zomby_Woof, I don’t have an Oppo 203, but if you prefer the display on your iMac, do you need to display anything on/from the 203? Can you treat the 203 as a Roon endpoint without the video, and control everything, including the display, from the iMac, or a phone or tablet?

I have a spare iPad laying around and the Oppo display is not crucial.

I just want to use my audio from Oppo because it’s connected to my Home Theater setup in my basement. I would like to get what’s play to my TV, if I have to mirror the ipad and I can conrol from iPad, that is ok. Need some help in how to accomplish though, so many choices its almost overwhelming. But at least I have it running and it sounds good.

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The two screenshots you show in your opening post are:

As you say, the display device version does not have the features of the control device, i.e. these options are not available:


A display device, currently, is simply that; it does not have the possibility to take user input to switch the display to show different elements.

You can always raise this as a feature suggestion in the Feature Suggestions category of the forum to register your user case for this feature.

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Thanks for your input. I thought it was as simple as hooking up HDMI and I’d see what was on my iMac display on my TV. I will have to figure out the airplay piece of this. Never had the need to use before.

On another topic related to this; I also have a Control4 remote in my setup, is there a C4 drive that’s available for Roon that I can install and navigate the numerous menu’s or is airplay the best way to control?

Control4? Have a read of this:

You can still use the Oppo as the audio output even if feeding the remote display from somewhere else.

To mirror the full Roon UI use AirPlay from your remote device to the TV. Some TVs support this natively otherwise you’ll need an AppleTV.

Oppo UDP-203 is Roon Ready. You do not need a DisplayPort to HDMI kludge. Roon connects to Oppo via the network for both audio and on screen display.


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I got my ipad to control the music and it displays to my Oppo.

So if I understand you correctly, unless I want to play 5.1 like DSOTM which I have and about 30 other SACDS that are ripped to my NAS, I don’t need the HDMI display port running to my Oppo HDMI Audio Only input?

My Oppo is hard wired into my network like my NAS, iMac and Marantz. So the LAN connection is what holds all this stuff together?

Don’t have an Oppo, but if those 5.1 files are playable in Roon, I don’t think you need HDMI even for those. Roon will send them to Oppo over the network, and Oppo will play them whatever way it can. You might need HDMI connection from it to a receiver possibly, but that’s the entirely different side of the signal chain…

Oppo RAAT is not multichannel.


Read this…

The Roon Ready setup with the OPPO 203/205 is 2 channel only. At least with the 205 in my setup. HDMI is needed for multi-channel. I have HDMI from NUC to receiver.

If the OP wants to play ripped SACDs a separate multi-channel DAC will be needed. Roon converts DSD to PCM with HDMI.

That’s unfortunate.

If I want to play Multi Channel, The Oppo does it without Roon. I have all my music stored on NAS and with the help of MiniServer and the native Oppo player it works for my SACD rips just fine. Thanks for all the tips. I’m still on a high learning curve with how all this stuff operates within my system.

I am 99% certain it can’t. The only reason I can think of for mirroring the full Roon UI display is to be able to select items, and you definitely can’t do that. Oppo is officially a “Roon endpoint” (or whatever they’re calling it now) but not a Roon remote.

You can browse for files Oppo has access to on your network–audio or video–but it won’t be Roon, and it’s rather crude.

You can, however, use the transport controls on the Oppo when using Roon: play/pause/stop. Maybe ff/rew and next/prev but I’ve never tried those. I generally make a selection on my phone or tablet, then use an activity on my remote for volume and play/pause control. I have yet to try out the Roon integration on my new-ish Unfolded Circle Remote 2 (and am surprised nobody has started a thread on that here yet) but will soon. Maybe I’ll start that thread.

Cal Rubinson discussed that issue in depth years ago. I think it’s on one of the Oppo threads here. It is unfortunate, but so far, I have no multi-channel music files, and don’t use streaming services. I have MTT’s Mahler symphonies os SACD but am content to leave them that way.