OPPO UDP-203 and UDP-205 now Roon Ready

I just read that oppo have released a new firmware for their UDP-203 and UDP-205 4k bluray players that make them Roon Ready network players.

Wow more players every day. Well done Roon.


That’s a big deal

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@Aguy - Thanks for the heads up.

Lucky me, a few months ago I changed out (sold) my five plus year old BDP-95 for a new UDP-203. Cost was basically a wash.

Updated the Oppo software and tested it. Album cover and Artist, Album name and track info displayed. Can control functions via Roon Remote or the Oppo Remote.

Awesome stuff. Here’s a screen pic from my Sony LED TV.

Thus loading the music from the Roon remote tablet, and once loaded can control Play, Pause, Stop functions from the Oppo remote. Will keep tinkering.

Great job Roon and Oppo.


Wow awesome. Thanks for the screenshot.

How are you outputting audio from the oppo ? Are you just using it as a transport or using its DAC to output analog ?

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What sample rates does it accept over ethernet with Roon?

PCM768k, like it’s USB input? Could you try Roon up-sampling to PCM768kHz.

I wonder if this means the Sonica DAC will follow.


I don’t have the material / equipment to test it past 24/192k…HDMI audio out is limited to two channel as far as I can see. Have my Oppo audio out via HDMI, optical, and analog. Looks like a late night project…

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Hehe no problems Robert.

You don’t need 768kHz material though - you can turn on Roon DSP up-sampling to see if it will take PCM768kHZ with your analogue outputs of the Oppo.

As more owners discover this Roon Readiness, hopefully they can chime in also.

Well done!.. just updated the firmware on my UDP-205… looks great!

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Peter would you please be able to share a screenshot?

Dang this is nice, might need to finally upgrade my 103 to a 203…

Just uploaded a screenshot…

Hi Peter, are you able to confirm what sample rates the Oppo takes over ethernet?

By testing Roon DSP and up-sampling to max PCM rate and seeing if it goes up to PCM768k? Or lower.


When I attempted to adjust Headroom settings, and/or upsampling via the UDP 203, I received an unpleasant pink noise. Same pink noise result via HDMI out and analog out to my Integrated amp, and AVR.

Edit: I am streaming from my SSD 24/192 flac. Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky (DVD-A). Max resolution flac I have in my collection is 24/192.

Upsampling may work via USB.

Glad to check it out… What would be the best way test??

Wow… finally… lets hope it filters down to the 105 and 103 and more importantly the Sonica speakers and DAC…that will be a game changer for me

Hi Peter, just go to Roon DSP and enable it and then enable ‘sample rate conversion’ and select ‘Max PCM rate’.

Make sure the Oppo is selected to it’s analogue outputs (even if there are no analogue cables connected).

And then screenshot the Roon signal path if you can. Curious if it supports PCM768kHz.

Many thanks

Hmmm I can understand pink noise on the HDMI output, especially if doing DSD up-sampling.

Can you check the up-sampling is set to ‘Max PCM rate’ and make sure the Oppo is selected to analogue outputs (to your integrated).

Sean, Not sure what this is what you need…

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I had to change the default rate for 44 kHz to 48khz and the pink noise quit

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Cool thanks Peter. So it looks like the network interface is limited to PCM192k/DSD64, like many (not all) network interfaces found in DACs.

This is not a negative thing at all, I was only curious.

Roon coming to these Oppo’s is a massive win for everyone. Pop the champagne :beers: :notes:

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