Option to stop real-time monitoring of specific folders

Hi Roon team,

I do put all my music in monthly folders, which, once filled, will never be incremented anymore.

The thing is that Roon, every time it is restarted for any reason, starts re-scanning every single folder it was fed.

As none of my finalized monthly folder will never get any new files or folders, I would like to get a way to totally disable folder monitoring.

In first stage, I figured out where the “storage” settings are visible in RoonServer sub-folders, and found these nice files that contains xml format. There I could see a setting is called “rescandelay” with a default value of 4. I’ve modified this to 0, expecting it would totally disable the rescan of the folder, but, still, at Roon restart, the folder gets totally rescanned, again.

So here is what I would like to see, a simple setting that would disable the scan on a folder basis. It could look like this :

Selecting stop monitoring would simply tell Roon to stop checking for new content till the option wouldn’t be re-enabled.

This would save a lot of rescanning time to lots of people with large libraries. or simply people that split their files between several folders.

Of course, if there is any workaround that would enable me to achieve what I want to achieve right away, please feel free to exchange about it :wink: (the recandelay=0 not working, I guess there must be a setting or parameter to add to the xml file in order to avoid the monitoring?)

Thank you !!!

by the way, here are some old post requesting for the same thing, hopefully this time someone will pick it up ?

Leave your core up.all the time is the only current option.

Yes, and this is why I am requesting for a software improvement :wink:

My core is normally running 24/7, but still, this should be manageable by the end user.

The rescandelay=0 setting SHOULD be disabling future scans, but this is not working. So I guess there is something to change to the code to get this to work.

If you have directly attached drives it doesn’t scan. I believe it’s because it can’t rely on update triggers from network drives so will always scan on periods.

I assume it works just fine. Rescan delay of 0 equals to the Only at startup setting you can choose in the UI. Higher values are the hourly intervals you can select as well. Also, I suppose at startup Roon doesn’t even look at the rescan setting because it’s meant to control runtime behaviour of the directory monitoring.

Disabling startup scans is something Roon doesn’t want because there is a penalty in user experience Roonlabs doesn’t want to pay, see the quote by Mike you’ve linked to above.

Can you clarify which impact it could have ?
If you, as a user, knows a folder wont change anymore (simply because you are creating a specific folder structure), why would it impact Roon UX to disable its future scanning ? Especially if you keep the choice to re-enable it for monitoring later on ?

What I do read in @mike 's comment though is the following :

This is exactly what my request is about, with a proper justification, and people upvoting.

Guys, can I please UP this ?

I really would need to disable to re-scan of my folders every single time I restart Roon or one of my drives gets unmounted / mounted again.

It is crazy time consuming, and unnecessary for people who are not incrementing the same folder.


Hi there, as this is still incredibly time consuming for nothing, I keep upping. maybe someone, some day, will take my request in consideration.

If this was brought up in a design review at work it would almost certainly get rejected by support because the number of people it benefits is quite low versus the potential impact of adding the switch and general users setting it by mistake or forgetting they had switched it. So triggering where are my updates , why is my metadata out of date, support calls.
Obviously this is just my opinion but might give some insight as to why some calls for change don’t get traction.

Is something external to Roon changing your files maybe.

I restart my core virtually every day and do not see this. Unless a file has changed and the file system recognises a change and reports that back.

Mine is Windows 10. If I run my sync/bu program it runs by bu of changed/new files in a similar way I don’t see that running either.

It sounds like an external intervention somewhere. What you file system ?