Partial Name Search Results Inconsistent

Unfortunately not. The working search is a “workaround”. He is posting a general case where often a full name (first name, last name) search will work but a partial name (last name) search will not. His search on “Preatorius” will still fail. I can reproduce exactly the same fail on my system. Did you try and reproduce it on the db I sent you?

I can also reproduce exactly the same behaviour with different searches which I have already reported in a separate thread. Maybe you missed that? Searching “Karajan” and “von Karajan” will fail but “Herbert von Karajan” will behave normally. No doubt others will unpredictably find similar cases.

How do you know it’s failing for the same reason it’s failing for you?

I’ll have a look at the “Karajan” case with your DB and let you know in the other support thread if I find anything new.

No, of course I do not know that. But one example of a “last name” search fail could be a hundred reasons but two with completely different artists on completely different systems?

As an added data point. When I posted above I could reproduce the posters fail. That is “Praetorius” fails but “Michael Praetorius” works. After restarting my core, on my system both searches now work. However, after multiple re-boots a search on “Karajan” and “von Karajan” still fails whereas a search on “Herbert von Karajan” works.

Edit: Please disregard the rest of the post if you saw it. I miss-typed “Abinoni” instead of “Albinoni”

Spoke too soon. I did not systematically go through an alphabetical list of My Composers as I don’t have the patience but I randomly skipped through them alphabetically and got a fail at “B” so it must be easy to reproduce.

A search on “Barber”:

A search on “Samuel Barber”:

And still on the “B’s” here is a more subtle failure where irrelevant results are returned on a last name search:

Search on “Bax”:

Search on “Arnold Bax”:

I can go on.

A search on “Beach”:

A search on “Amy Beach”

I’ll stop now. Surely I have made my point?

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I have split your comments out to their own support thread.


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Ok, I’ve looked up your DB and some internal analytics, and the errors you and @Nathan_Wilkes are seeing are consistent with each other so I’ll close this thread, and continue the conversation in Single Term search results - #4 by Nathan_Wilkes.

Regarding the results in cases like bax / arnold bax, beach / amy beach, I’m happy for the input and I see that they might not be ideal, but we can’t fix every search issue with support threads.