Pi4 Build in audio output

Hi, I looked at all the menus in RopieeeXL and can’t seem to find it…is it possible to enable the audio jack that is built-in to the Pi4? It will make the Pi a very useful, albeit lo-fi compared to a dedicated DAC, audio endpoint.


I do not believe that this functionality is available. You can use a DAC HAT with audio out though, if you need.

Thanks…yes, can add a hat, but that creates bulk. Is there a way the built in audio output can be enabled? Maybe via shell access?

Do you mean implement some sort of software based DAC on the PI itself? I don’t know how that might be done.

Just get an inexpensive USB DAC with an audio jack – many on Amazon less than $20. Also likely lo-fi but workable with Ropieee…

Is that what is required to use the audio out on the pi?

An audio DAC HAT is needed for RoPieee, but not for Raspberry Pi. I bought one raspberrypi.org/products/iqaudio-dac-pro and one iqaudio-digiamp-plus, both work nicely.
I also bought one Hifiberry zero since I love the brand, but could never got it to work :frowning:

About the bulkyness: I unsoldered the Cinch from iqaudio and soldered a cable directly on the board in order to fit the HAT into the original 7" touchscreen case - where is will there is way :muscle: :innocent:

Others also had no success with a HAT not listed as compatible

If you really don’t like to buy a HAT you can try USB, but please use a decent audio interface and not the cheapest miniTRS dongle.

The internal Raspbery Pi headphones out is not recommended for any quality expectations, even it might be possible using DietPi or other OS.

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Thanks…yes, that’s what I was thinking. If the onboard audio can be enabled with Dietpi, then it should technically be possible with ropieee as well. But I’m no Linux expert!

It has been intentionally excluded in Ropieee because it is such poor quality. So it isn’t there to enable.

Here is discussion and also solution how to use RPI output with Dietpi&Roon
(not RoopieXL solution)

Chris_Lewicki has done good work to found out how to enable that headphone out with RoonBridge

I had an extra RPI4 and tested to install according Chris instructions (below) and it works perfectly

After setting up DietPi, the brief steps were:
apt-get update
apt-get install ffmpeg
apt-get install libasound2

Via dietpi-software

You can also install Volumio and use Airplay.


RoPieee does not support the Raspberry Pi on-board audio.