Play / Pause button doesn't work in notification bar


I’ve been using Roon ARC for a while, it works great but there is a small thing with the app that I’ve noticed.
Whenever I try to hit play in the notification bar, it won’t work and I have to go back to the app itself.
Not sure if this is a general issue (maybe it has been reported before?), or if it’s something unique to me.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I’ve also recently cleared the cache and all data, but it still doesn’t work.

Probably this:

I don’t really have issues navigating the ARC app itself. The minified version is also displayed just fine in my notification bar, the only issue is that the play / pause button simply doesn’t work there.

But the thing was that the S22 doesn’t get the first tap because it’s not actually in the foreground. Can’t that be it? Or maybe it’s a different issue

It’s different for me. I can tap the button as much as I want, it never works. Neither do the previous and next buttons.
It’s not even contained to the notification bar. The buttons on the lock screen also don’t work.
I always have to open the actual app to be able to control anything.

Same on my Pixel 6 - the lockscreen controls don’t seem to work at all