Playback Failure w/ High Resolution

Billy Squire “Don’t Say No” & Iron Maiden’s “Dance of Death” both result in playback errors while the highest resolution available for each is selected. The following message is displayed and playback does not happen; ‘Stopping playback, too many failures’

However, those same albums play just fine in 16/44 resolution in Roon.

Finally, playing those albums at the highest resolution available for each respectively play just fine on the Qobuz app.


Hi @Ali_Shafai,

Can you please provide your setup details?

Where are these files being stored? Are they on a NAS or on the local HDD of the Core? What resolution are they (DSD/DXD/192)?

Just for reference, it works OK here.

So, the problem is no longer there! We can close it out.

I do wonder what may have been going on.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the update here @Ali_Shafai!
If the issues return, do let us know.

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