Playback stops randomly (build 401)

You folks are over-concentrated on the remote controls.

The biggest standout of 1.6 for me so far is that playback just keeps stopping for no (commanded) reason. 1.5 everything was stable, same core machine, same remote endpoints. Now it just stops, in the middle of album playback, in the middle of radio playback, for no reason at all, or when I open a laptop.

Same here, stops for no apparent reason, though opening the laptop is often a trigger.
Though, I have been changing various things in my system and have a newly installed RoonBridge on a Raspberry Pi, so I didn’t want to raise this in case there is something not configured optimally in my system.

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does this behavior occur with all types of media?

Does it occur for all endpoints?

Well, I’m running B401 on Ubuntu 18.04.02 for my core. It’s hardwired to my Wi-Fi router, a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900. All endpoints are Wi-Fi connections. No extensions, no subscriptions, all local music on an SSD disk on the core machine.

Does this behavior occur with all types of media?

I’ve only got 16/44.1 tracks.

Does it occur for all endpoints?

No idea, most of my endpoints are not doing anything. Noticed it on Chromecast Audio endpoint and Insignia speaker endpoint.

Since I put the Raspberry Pi onto the wired network I have not had this problem (a couple of hours playing music, opening the laptop a few times)

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

Have you noticed any patterns in this behavior? How often does it occur?

If you play directly to the System Output of one of your remotes are you experiencing this?

I’m thinking it occurs when one of my endpoint computers (Macbook Pro, Fire HD8 tablet, or iPad Pro) sleeps or wakes, or the remote control app on it crashes (1.6 seems to have introduced some instability on Android which causes the app on the Fire tablet to crash periodically) or starts up. Each of these has a zone associated with them, though I never use them. I’ll disable them and see if it keeps happening.

So much for that theory. The iPad doesn’t trigger this. I can’t seem to get the Fire Tablet to trigger this, but perhaps it only happens with an app crash.

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

Since the iPad and Fire tablet don’t cause this issue, does it just occur when the MacBook sleeps/wakes?

How often do you see this occur?

No, it also occurs when the Macbook is in the trunk of the car. I see it every three hours or so right now.

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

Since you’ve noticed this occur for multiple zones, and it doesn’t appear to be related to the use of any remote, I’d next like to enable some diagnostics on your account.

The next time this behavior occurs please make note of the time it happens and respond here with that timestamp and your timezone. Once we have the timestamp I’ll enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a look.


Will do. Thanks.

OK, just happened again. 9:04 AM, PST.

And again! 9:08 AM PST.

I have seen this too. An added data point is that it stopped while playing a song from my local collection, not a streaming track. No seeming logic behind it. See it maybe a few times a week.

Same here. I don’t have streaming yet.

11:25 CST. Brother Dege (stream from Tidal) just paused for no apparent reason at 6:04 - still 3 minutes left in the song.

I’m not sure, but one thing Roon might consider is that the space bar is not a good pause/play toggle. Occasionally I’ve wondered if for some reason Roon grabbed the focus on the desktop and it was my typing that stopped it.

And again! 9:45 AM PST.

And again! 9:54 PST. Ridiculous.

Let me add the Chromecast Audio I’m listening to is 6 ft from the WiFi router’s antennas. This never happened with 1.5.

Hi @Bill_Janssen,

Apologies for the continued troubles here. Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

Can you confirm what device your Chromecast Audio is connected to and how it’s connected?