Playing at max volume (regardless of level) until touching the volume

Hi There,

I’m using Roon --> Dirac Live for PC in Exclusive Mode.
I’ve set “Use Device Controls” as the Volume Control Mode. (the setting for “Set Max Device Volume” is available.

When I new song is played the output is played at maximum volume, even if the current device volume is lower. It is only when I “touch” (either increase or decrease) the volume slightly (one hit will do) that Roon’s output level is synced with the device volume.

You can imagine this happens at the middle of the night :open_mouth:

Hello @Ron_Kuper,

Please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.


Hi John,

Setup description:

  • Roon Version 1.4 Build 298
  • Windows 10
  • HTPC i7, Intel HDMI to pre/pro (Emotiva UMC-200)
  • Local on the HTPC
  • Primarily Tidal based



It would be helpful if you could send me some screenshots of your Audio device settings. There’s a short tutorial here that you should use as a guide. You should also include a screenshot of your Audio tab in settings that lists all the possible outputs Roon is currently seeing.