Playing with Parametric EQ and Room Correction

So I have had a bit of fun trying the low / high shelf filters lately . Have had Roon for years but hadn’t bothered until now and I can see that these features help fine tune my system by ear.

My question is how can I get a reading to actually measure and show any problems ? . Rather than just having a guess how can I get a graph of my In Room frequency response and relative volumes so I know what to correct.

A bit like a Roon made Dirac Live. Any hints ??

Thanks in advance.

You can use a USB microphone and software (REW, Acourate etc) to capture a frequency distribution. You can then correct it manually with PEQ or generate a wav file to convolve. See these threads:

This article in the KB may assist with convolution in Roon.


THANK YOU very much for pointing out these articles. Lots of fun. Cheers