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Hello, been using Roon for approx. 2 years, Qobuz as soon as it was available. Have several playlists with songs from qobuz. All of sudden 90% or greater of the songs now indicate “unavailable “
My qobuz account is in good standing.
Using WiFi with an oppo 203 as the output from a Mac laptop running Roon core.
Ideas ?

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Hi @Mike_Patterson,

Is there any change after a reboot?

Was this playlist made in Roon or in Qobuz?

Are you able to play this content outside of the playlist?

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Hi, No change after re-boot, I logged out of Qobuz, and then back in. All my playlists are basically broken.
I did do an upgrade to Roon on Nov 28th, may have been when this started ??

I can log into my Qobuz account outside of Roon and although I can a find a song or two that is unavailable it is no where near as widespread as within my Roon playlists. Seems to be affecting all playlists

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Still same issue. I did notice that the Roon screen briefly flashes " Too Many failures. Stopping playback. Check your Qobuz account"

My Qobuz account seems to be in good standing as I can browse music and play tracks.

Hi @Mike_Patterson,

I have a ticket open with the technical team to investigate this issue. I’ll be sure to follow up as soon as I have their feedback on this.


Thank you Dylan.

Hi Dylan, Any update ?

Hi @Mike_Patterson,

I checked our internal tracker and see that this is still under investigation by the technical team. I’ve requested an update and will be sure to reach out once I have more information.

any update ?

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