Problem with Anouk

I have a problem with 1 artist:

3 albums are listed as main albums, 3 as appearances.
if i rescan these last 3 albums, they pass in the main albums section (where they should be).
but after some time (i don’t know how much) they get back in the appearances section.

maybe it has nothing to do with that, but it resembles the continuous disappearance of michael jackson

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Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for the report!

I’d like to enable some diagnostics on your account, but first may I ask that you reproduce this behavior once more?

Once you’ve done this let me know the timestamp and I will enable diagnostics and pass it along to the technical team for review.

Additionally, can you give some information on any edits you’ve done to the artist or these albums?


Hey @dylan
no edits on the artist side. the albums are tagged (file tags) as usual.
-next time i see that the bad behavior occurs, i send you a message.
-what do you mean with timestamp?

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

Next time it occurs, rescan the albums so it corrects itself (so we can see it in both states) and make a note of the time you do the rescan. Share that time with us so we can analyze the report in reference to the rescan.


I have restarted Roon (server) in my PC. and the wrong anouk behavior is present again.
time 18:05 italian time.

i have rescanned the 3 albums and the problem has disappeared.
time 18:06 (italian time)

Thanks, @Niccolo_Terzi!

Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.


Update — The report has been received.

I’m having the same issue. Not only with Anouk but also with Seal.

Let me know if you would like to have an extra data point, I can provide a timestamp for the rescan.

it happened again. rescanned at 9:24 italian time, and solved

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

I had a chat with the team about this, and so we can investigate further, we are hoping you’d be able to share some of the media that you’re experiencing this with. If you could provide two albums that work correctly, and two albums that are experiencing the issue, that should allow us to properly test what you’re experiencing.

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


the problem is still there, every time i restart roon

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

As mentioned above, we were hoping you’d be able to send over two albums that work correctly, and two albums that are experiencing the issue — that should allow us to properly test what you’re experiencing.

Let me know if you’re you need a different option for sending that over!

problem is always there.
i’m rescanning right now, 00:48 italian time

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

I just had a chat with the team about their investigation. Unfortunately we have not been able to replicate this behavior in-house with the media provided, so there seems to be something specific to the files in your database.

The team has suggested a test that should give us some more information here about what may be occurring. Please see the instructions below:

  1. Make a copy of your Anouk albums and store them outside of the Roon watched folder.
  2. Delete the Anouk albums in Roon.
  3. Move the copies you made back into your watched folder so they import freshly.

Once you’ve done this let us know if you still notice this behavior occurring.


Hi @dylan, thanks for your post.
-i have deleted the files
-after that, roon has automatically deleted the albums. in setting, i have cleared the library (deleting everything). anouk artist disappears.
-i have closed roor, copied back the file in the storage location, and then run roon.
-the albums are there again, and this is what i see:

it seems that 2 albums are not recognized with anouk as main artist. even though looking at one album:

here, it seems there are 2 anouk artists. but both links (under album title and above track “all tracks performed by” take to the same anouk page as the one above.

before you ask:
-i heve no merging for anouk

-file tags are consistent:

finally, if i rescan in roon the 2 albums i get:

so… nothing changed. note that at the beginning of this thread all albums where in the section “Appearences”. here only 2 albums. but (even though i’m not sure 100%) this has not changed now, but some days ago. in fact, i thought you were solving the problem on your side.

in the end, as other people had the same problem, i don’t think it’s something in my files/library.
and as pointed out in another thread of the forum, something similar happens with other artists/albums.
for example i get the same with michael jackson:

here it seems there are only 2 albums. but actually i have:

if i go to any of the other albums i get:

and the link to MJ takes to the same artist page as seen above.

if I finally rescan the 3 extra albums i get:

so, the pattern is almost exactly the same. at the moment, i have no other examples.

just to end this post: with the exception of a couple of songs, actually i don’t like at all neither michael jackson or anouk :):joy:

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

I appreciate the detailed response here. I’ve passed your latest info along to the team so they can keep investigating this. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress here and will let you know if we have any other questions.

the problem with anouk is still there:
if i rescan the albums… the 2 anouk’s are merged into one, if i restart roon, i get again 2 anouk. something similar now also happens with aphex twin

and, again, the michael jackson problem has not been solved:

michael jackson is not present between artitst, but in the album list:

if i rescan the albums… a michael jackson artist does appear.

anyway… since when MJ is know as Mozart?

EDIT: actually I’m wrong. in the MJ case, after rescanning the albums the artist MJ is still missing. but the albums are there, credited to MJ

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for the update. I confirmed in our internal tracker that we have a ticket opened with our development team regarding this issue. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for when this will be resolved but I we will be sure to update you here when new information is available.

Apologies for the continued trouble here, Niccolo — We appreciate your patience!

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

We’ve made a change here in Roon 1.6 (Build 416) that we believe should address this behavior. Please update Roon and let us know if you’re still seeing any issues. You can read the full release notes here:

it seems solved.
also michael jackson, who had similar problems.

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