Problems with iOS Roon 1.8 Legacy app and Roon 1.8 Core [resolved: installed 1.8 legacy on Core]

Now that I have sadly adjusted to the knowledge that the new Roon 2.0 won’t work on my MacPro 12 Core (128GB RAM & Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB + 1TB SSD) running macOS Mojave 10.14.6… I wanted to revert back to enjoying Roon 1.8 the way I had it… so I deleted the Roon ARC app and deleted the new Roon Remote app and re-installed a new app called Roon 1.8 (Legacy), but now that won’t work also and won’t see my Roon 1.8 Core ?

Any help please…?


I have the EXACT same situation. I did find a link to Roon Core 1.8 Legavy app and downloaded it. I have not tried installing it yet. Hoping someone can confirm this solves our issue. I suspect installing Legavy 1.8 on core is the answer but I’d like Roon to chime in so I’m clear on this. Here’s the page with download links:

Hi Peter… that Roon 1.8 Legacy app is the app I’m now having issues with… but only on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 16)… I still have the old Roon Remote app on my iPad Pro 10" and 12.9", both running iOS 15.7 and all connects and works perfectly.

Hope someone can help soon… as this whole update has not gone well. They should have communicated to all use Apple users that the new update was essentially an update for very recent hardware and software.


Hi Anthony: I have the old remote app on an iPad and previous iPhone that connect fine. I made sure auto update is off on them. But alas my iPhone 13 and iPad Pro auto updated and of course now don’t work. They’re my normal remotes. I guess I’ll try to install Legacy 1.8 core app to see if that works with Legavy 1.8 iOS app. Wanted someone from Roon or a user to tell me that’s what to do.

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Ooohhhhh… my Roon 1.8 Core never updated on my MacPro… the only place my Roon software updated was my iPhone 11 Pro Max… but I’m the same as you… my older iPad devices all work perfectly… but are you saying… I need to also install a Roon 1.8 Legacy for my Roon Core also… that would be scary to be messing around with for sure… hopefully someone from Roon with chime in and give us guidance soon.


You will need to install Roon (Legacy) 1.8 as your core also. And make sure all devices are running 1.8 (Legacy) as stated in the guide.

I’ve downloaded and installed 1.8 Legacy without a problem. You can follow the instructions given above.

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I have downloaded the Roon 1.8 Legacy app for my iOS device… why do I also need to download some new Roon 1.8 Legacy app for my Core… it never updated… it wasn’t compatible with the new Roon 2.0 ? My Core is the same software that it was only a day ago. My issues are that the new Roon 1.8 Legacy iOS app won’t connect to my Roon 1.8 Core…?

Am I missing something here…?


Hi SukieInTheGraveyard…

I don’t need to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.8… my Core never updated in the first place… my iPhone 11 Pro Max was the only device that I fooled around with updating at the time of the big 2.0 launch, I was blissfully unaware there would be any hardware/software compatibility issues… my Core software is the exact same today as it was on Monday. Are you saying to need to install Roon 1.8 Legacy Core Server software also… ?


Because they’re different. The Legacy builds are designed so they do not update. So your core needs to be updated to 1.8 Legacy.

I’m sure a staff member will come along to confirm and help with any further issues.

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Yup, I’m waiting for Roon to confirm that installing 1.8 legacy on core is the answer. I agree with Andrew that this is NOT CLEAR.

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This is 100% untrue.

We will continue to release critical fixes for 1.8 Legacy for some time. Moving your devices to 1.8 Legacy ensures that you get these fixes. The old 1.8 stable branch is now a dead end. You either need to be on 2.0 or 1.8 Legacy.

Someone stated that you will not get a prompt to update to 2.0?

I wasn’t referring to security updates or fixes.

Can you confirm?

Thanks. But please make this much clearer on the downgrade faq page. I’ll now install legacy 1.8 on my iMac core running 10,14 and cross my fingers it still works.

Thank you so much for all your input and expertise.

This is me speaking as a loyal ROON User… what an awful, awful way to release a new major update. So much trouble for people that love using their product. I should have been handled so so so much better.

I’m an Apple user for 33 years… if they rolled out a trainwreck update with impacts like this on their userbase… it would be all over the news!!!

All this should have been communicated way better before it was let loose into the wild.

Shame on Roon.


Not if you’ve got other, non-updated, remotes. Remotes and Core need to the same build.

  • 1.8 version remote apps will only work with 1.8 core
  • 2.0 version remote apps will only work with 2.0 core
  • 1.8 Legacy app (a separate app from the normal app that is used above) only works with 1.8 Legacy core

If you definitely want to keep 1.8 then you can only use it with remote apps that haven’t updated to 2.0.

Personally I would install 1.8 Legacy (and have done) as this is supported, whereas 1.8 isn’t. You can download 1.8 Legacy as Core and remote apps. However you can keep things as they are, if you prefer. Just make sure you disable auto-update on your remote apps.

This is a copy / paste from the document linked above:

  1. Install Roon 1.8 (Legacy) on your Roon Remote (iOS/Android/other PC)
  2. Completely close out of Roon / RoonServer on the Core
  3. Download the installer from the link below
  4. Install on Core and start

If you want to stay on 1.8 Legacy you need to install it.

We wrote the instructions from the perspective of someone who updated to 2.0 automatically since that’s the way that the overwhelming majority of our users are configured.

That’s correct. 1.8 Legacy does not prompt to update to 2.0. (From user experience).

Anthony; couldn’t agree more. 35 year Mac user and original Roon subscriber. I normally wait 2 iterations before updating operating systems but Roon has been fine since the start. They need to send our email and update instructions for users with so-called unsupported systems. Gonna go try legacy 1.8 core install. Will report back. But I too really don’t have time for this.

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  1. Install Roon 1.8 (Legacy) on your Roon Remote (iOS/Android/other PC). DONE
  2. Completely close out of Roon / RoonServer on the Core. DONE
  3. Download the installer from the link below. What installer (New Roon Core Installer) and where’s the link ?
  4. Install on Core and start. Install over my existing Core…? will this new server version look for my Core files…?

Please advise and revert.