Problems with Merging NADAC on OSX since 1.2 [Solved]

This is so frustrating… When Roon is working it is very useful… I have to think someone tinkered with Roon’s software and now the bugs prevent music from playing reliably…

I really would love a speedy resolution to this (especially after paying $500 for lifetime membership), but there are no speedy resolutions… you post a problem and then you have to use days replying to questions back and forth by messaging.

If I select a song, Roon no longer reliably starts the song. Others have complained about this…

ROON used to work fine… now I wish I never updated the software…

I just want ROON to work… I want to select a song and have it start playing again… sometimes I have to select the son g 10x in a row to get it to play…

Hi @miyagi1218 – sorry for the frustration here. The fastest way to get your issue resolved is to give us the information we need to help you.

Thousands and thousands of people are running Roon without issue, in all kinds of configurations. Our 1.2 release rewrote the entire audio infrastructure from the ground up and, as expected with changes that far-reaching, there we’re a handful of issues we did not uncover during our extensive QA process. We’ve already released one round of bug fixes and while we have another round on the way, the vast majority of the issues we’re aware of are now closed.

If you can give me some information about your setup, I’m sure we can resolve your issue as well. Thanks!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It seems to work for the vast majority of people so the problem is likely something to do with your setup. As per having to wait days with back and forth messaging - what do you expect? Roon does not have a dedicated customer service department! I think it’s good how the Roon team respond to all user problems and ensure that it gets sorted. Maybe someone from the team - @mike @vova @danny could take a look at it.

Edit: mike beat me to it and posted above before I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I wish I could send you a video of the problem

I am using the latest version of OSX… New 13" MBP 8gb ram

I have an external hard drive

And a merging technologies DAC

When I select a track and hit play now, most of the time the track does not play.

Sometimes the timeline comes up on the screen but no sound

Sometimes the sound starts 20 seconds later

Most of the time, nothing happens

Sometimes the songs plays and then when I go to play a different track the problem resurfaces

A lot of the time in auto play ROOM just keeps searching for the next song (radio play) and I only hear clicking as each song fails to load.

Extracampine… I understand you took my post personally…

But your comment “what do you expect?” Is as offensive as you obviously meant it to be. What do I expect for $500? What should I expect? Shame on you for treating a paying customer like that. I just hope to get this working so I can enjoy my system. The best way is to take a video of the behavior and my settings. Is there a way to email or upload the video?

@miyagi1218 You could upload the video to Youtube and post a link here?

  • Rather silly question, does the same music play just fine if you do not use Roon (using other players?)
  • Does the problem occur for specific file format or sample rates or just about any file?
  • Did you have this problem previously or did it happen after a 1.2 update?

I only use ROON as a player… so I cant answer that question
problem occurred after 1.2 update
happens with any file type, but no real pattern to when it fails or succeeds…

uploaded to vimeo

Thanks for posting the video, it is easier to see the problem now. I saw in the video that yhou ad problems with Roon stopping when you were using iOS remote. Do you have the same problem using Roon on MBP directly to play?

Another thing to try to help isolate the issue would be copy some files over to MBP or in a Sdcard/usb stick and temporarily add it to the library. Then play music from there instead of NAS to see if the problem persists. This would likely help the devs debug the problem.

I think I saw an AirPlay device. Do you have the same issues when you play music through it instead of the DAC?

Maybe try the Marantz or Enable an Apple TV and try it.

We need to see if the DAC is the issue.

Cheers, Greg

Kman. I copied a music file to the desktop

Pointed the new library (folder) to it

Timer ticks away

No sound

I have to admit I don’t really understand the helpful suggestions… Because it’s over my head… When your staff responds to me, it’s like another language… Not your fault… But mine

Time is valuable… In addition to the $500 I already paid, I’ll pay extra for a phone call… Name your price… Seriously… Thanks


You can email me directly. Should be able to do so…

Hi Oliver,

Just want to clarify for you that extracampine, Kman, Greg and I are users like you. The only Roon staff member in this thread is Mike and that is signified by the Roon Labs in his title and the (fake) green jellyfish Roon symbol next to his name. Accordingly, we can’t call you or make arrangements for a call.

The Roon community has quite a number of people who try to assist other users. Partly because we like the product and want others to enjoy it, partly because Roon is actually a very small company (9 people in total) and the more we can do to help each other, the more they can do by way of development.

Unless you tell us you prefer us not to, other users will continue trying to assist by asking questions or suggesting troubleshooting procedures. @mike will also be on the case and will be back in touch again now that he has the information you have provided.

Thanks for the clarification… Much appreciated… But my offer to pay ROON for tech support stands!

  1. What are your audio settings for the device? Take a screen shot and paste it up here.

  2. Any other gadgets between your server and the DAC e.g. USB in line gadgets

  3. Is there any pattern to the files that don’t start first time e.g. are they hi-res files, DSD, etc

  4. Are the files that start OK always CD files ?

  5. what happens if you play music to the laptop speakers ? Do you get the same behaviour ?

  6. Ever felt like editing your topic title ?

@miyagi1218 - relax, I didn’t take your post personally. You appear to have mistook me for a member of the Roon team (“Shame on you for treating a paying customer like that”). And in terms of “offensive”, look at the title of your thread!

Would it be worth disabling the built-in output too?

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Thanks for the video @miyagi1218, and for your patience.

We actually have a Merging NADAC in-house and we pulled it out this morning to make sure it’s working for us on OSX. We’re not having any issues here, so something is different in your setup versus ours. I’m sure we once we figure out what that is, we’ll be able to move forward here.

First off, have you installed the CoreAudio driver they provide?

Second, have you confirmed the DAC is tuned to the right source? It seems weird that the DAC would ever start when this was set incorrectly, but the behavior of this DAC can be a little different than what you’re expecting and sometimes you need to pick the name of the computer from the front panel. (If you need more detail here, let me know. Sadly for me, the NADAC isn’t here with me at the moment :frowning:

Finally, I think a few of @ncpl’s questions above are really good.

Screenshots of your audio settings for the NADAC (like the two shown [here] (I'm having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it?)) would be really helpful. You can take screenshots on OSX using these instructions, then just drag your replies into your response here.

I’d also like to know the answers to this:

And this:

You can do this by visiting the audio tab of Settings, typing a name in for Built In Output (as shown in @ncpl’s screengrab above), then selecting that zone from the zone selector, here:

Finally, I took care of this one:


Let me know the answers to the above, and then we can move forward and gather some more logs here if we can’t figure this out. Thanks!

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I will work on this when I return late tonight


I totally reinstalled my OS X… then reinstalled Roon… I am able to get sound from the MacBooks speakers, but now it doesn’t see my nadac at all…

Even my mac fails to see my nadac now…

So I need to figure out how to direct it to the nadac… the library is not being seen… I guess… keep in mind I am not sure about the correct names/terms to use…

My nadac is on… but there is a red line at the bottom of the display that refers to my old library before the reinstall… because its red, thats a warning its not being seen.

attached are the screenshots…

Thanks in advance…

PS, if I could figure out how to edit the title of this thread, I would change it to sound less offensive… apologies…


I forgot to install core audio driver… after wiping nadac to factory and computer to factory and reinstalling, etc… the system is working now… I will continue to trouble shoot, but all known issues seem to have been eliminated… Thanks for all of your patience… and thanks to the community members who put up with my rants…



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