Production credits not appearing anymore

I got a new recent issue.

Most of the production credits does not appear anymore on the artist page in Roon.

See just an example in the screenshots: I got an art director credit for Donald May, but on his page the album (or albums) does not appear. This happens to all the production credits of any artist, except for “producer” and the engineer/mixing related.
I am sure they were present in the past.

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

Which Album/Artist is this for?
Do you see the same behavior if you look at the TIDAL version of this album?

This is on Awake by Dream Theater, but it is just an example! It happens on all of my albums of all artists, both on Roon and on Tidal.

Hi @Marco_Bisi,

Thanks for letting me know the album details, and by the way, great album!

I’m able to reproduce similar behavior on my end, I’ll file a ticket for the team to look into this further!

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Just chiming in to let ya’ll know I am seeing the same thing.

I personally use an obscure production role “Digital Recording” to track my vinyl rips and have found that my Bookmark for these artists are no longer working.

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Hi @Scott_Petersen,

Thanks for the additional details here! I see that this ticket is still in the queue, I have added your additional report as we look into this further.

I want you to fix this bug.

I added this topic recently but just found this thread. Seems to be the same problem I’m having. Any help?

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On my Roon library the issue is still existing

Pls post examples so other users can check if it’s just you.

The album I am currently listening on Tidal has production credits. It may be specific albums

I think it is not specific albums, but specific production credits.

Example: I got a lot of albums with artwork by Thomas Ewerhard (see here how many credits there are Thomas Ewerhard Songs, Albums, Reviews, Bio & More | AllMusic), but on my Roon library his discography only shows two albums (which I don’t have!).

This is just one example, but this issue happens for every artist with artwork, layout, photography and some mixing/engineering credits.