Qobuz 24/96 playing as 16/44

this has happened multiple times… i select an album in 24/96 or above and it plays in 16/44. qobuz is not returning my emails regarding this issue… here is a screen shot.

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You did not mention the type of Qobuz subscription you have. I checked their web site and found this in the Frequently Asked Questions on their Streaming Plans page.

  • Sublime+ and Studio subscribers have access to the entire Hi-Res streaming catalogue.

Apologies if you have the appropriate subscription and have a real problem.


i have the studio level subscription & yes it is a real problem & i have got zero response from qobuz regarding this.

I hope they get back to you and get things straightened out.


you would think so but i have emailed them multiple times in 2 days and crickets. also its BS to make people pay to be beta testers but thats another issue.

that was not my experience fwiw…my experience is that qobuz is not at all ready for prime time.

Hello @late_nighter23,

I have split your post from the previous thread since you are able to play Qobuz tracks but they just appear to be the wrong sample rate.

  • Can you please let me know if this is the same behavior for all high-res albums or just some of them?
  • Are you able to play 24/96 tracks from the Qobuz web player (https://play.qobuz.com)?
  • What is your subscription tier for Qobuz?


Hi @noris it’s not all of the albums but I would say 7 out of 10 that say 24 (44,48,96 etc) all only play 16/44. My subscription as I said before is studio tier. I am not using the web player at all I am only using qobuz with roon due to using a sotm sms 200.

Thanks @late_nighter23.

Can you give us some examples? And just to be clear, you’re saying that some albums do play high res?

And when this happens, Signal Path always looks like the screenshot in your first post above – the file format is 16/44.1, as opposed to any kind of downsampling in Roon, right?

All of the ones I tried looked like the screen shot. I am not at home now but can send more screen shots later tonight (hence late night).

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I have the exact same issue - I contacted Qobuz beta and they said “they are aware and working on it” for what it’s worth. From what I can tell, in my case at least, it’s a Qobuz issue because the same 24/96 album that plays as red book in roon does the same thing if I play it through the Qobuz app. I’ve included a screenshot of what happens in case it’s helpful.


@mike here is another screenshot

qobuz has still yet to respond to any of my 3 emails regarding this issue. zip…

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So it’s playing the wrong way for some but not others.

Are you in the USA? It’s not like I am making this up.

I’m on a US account, and I’m seeing the same as you @late_nighter23. Last I saw you hadn’t heard back from Qobuz, so let me see if I can get some more information here.

Just to speculate for a second – it’s possible that this is about licensing. They simply may not have the rights to stream the high resolution files in all territories. That would be disappointing, but it wouldn’t be a bug.

The fact that these albums are showing up as high res but streaming at 16/44.1, however, is a bug and one that we are aware of.

I assume it’s a bug but it’s unfortunate that I am a beta tester & they are completely ignoring me

I would imagine they are a bit swamped with roon going live. Not all support is as good as here, or has such great users supporting others :wink: