Qobuz albums aren't syncing to Roon [Qobuz Resolved]

There really has to be some other contributing factor rather than just Qobuz and Roon or EVERYBODY using Qobuz would be affected and that does not appear to be the case.
And some that were affected HAVE been able to restart and resync their Qobuz back again.
I would say this alone makes it extremely difficult for both the Qobuz and Roon devs to nail down.
Not giving either of them an attaboy here but just the way I see it, it cant be easy to figure out when it is NOT a system and user wide problem.

Not neccessarily. Everything seems to be indicating itis an infrastructure problem (Content Network Servives). Either they are not up for the load, or there’s a bug that would require a restart.
I have the feeling that Roon/Qobuz are very reluctant to shutdown/restart part of the infrastructure in order not to upset all Roon-Qobuz customers, whilst no5 being sure this would remedy the problem.
Still, I would hope they have a maintenace process inplace to do exactly that.
Just my 2 cents at the moment. I can (will?) be proven wrong of course.


Yes. In my dismay over this, I didn’t think of that. Thanks!

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Right but the disturbing part is this communication came before I and others even knew there was a problem. It appears as though the fix is impacting those that weren’t affected originally.

I’m probably late too the game, but after manually adding back most of my albums in Roon I realized that if you add new albums in Qobuz and manually sync the new ones sync. But it doesn’t see the old ones. If I readd them to Qobuz they will sync with Roon albums. So odd.

I went to Qobuz and added all of my albums to a playlist, then imported the playlist into Roon and my albums returned. Unfortunately it changed the added date but they’re back.

Very creative workarounds. Kudos.

Still not what I’m paying for,

Getting very fed up with Roon’s standard reactions to problems. There’s only three variations:

  1. It’s your network;

  2. It’s a feature request we haven’t gotten round to/isn’t on our road map/doesn’t work but we keep insisting it does;

  3. It’s someone else’s fault and we’re working on a fix please bear with us.

I’m done bearing with. All the low level aggro is accumulating fast. It’s reaching high level.


Some may want to keep this in mind in the future but it is a lengthy process. I’ve never trusted the strictly digital streaming domain for permanently earmarking my music, so ever since I began using a streaming service/Qobuz, I kept a word file of any artists or albums I didn’t personally and permanently own but had only added marked as a favorite on Qobuz. When the synching broke, I could then manually search Roon for the missing music, using my Word file as reference. I would search the artist in Roon, and using the artist discography tab, I selected the albums or tracks I wanted in my library, and then used the “add to library” drop down function on Roon. Each evening I backed up the library in case something went wrong, but thankfully it didn’t. It worked, and the “Qobuz only” music stayed put in the Roon library. About half way through the week long process of manually adding about 1200 artists, the synch issue thankfully resolved.
But now I know I wasn’t completely crazy or overly paranoid by keeping an updated personal Word file.
I will continue to do so in the future.

Not lost a single album here still have all 2605 in my library.

Favourites are back!

Mine all seem to be back too but how do I know? My Roon Qobuz collection is constantly evolving so I can’t remember exactly what was there when the problem arose. Any suggestions welcome.

Good for you! Did you do something special?

Mine are coming back as I speak

Waiting did the trick.

Still waiting in Australia

still waiting in Austria too

UK still missing all of my music :unamused:

Same boat here.

Just in case: The music is not missing, it is jut not being displayed in the Roon library along with any personal metadata edits. Your chosen Qobuz favorites are still there in Roon > Qobuz > My Qobuz

While that is true, that’s not how I use Roon. If this is how it worked all the time, I wouldn’t be using Roon.

Let me rephrase, Qobuz full integration is still broken.