Qobuz playback stops mid track [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

And twice more this morning…very frustrating.

Any update on this? My bet is on either Qobuz “tripping up” the Roon Core (Roon not handling things properly) or, more likely, the Nucleus specific implementation of Roon Core, if few others are reporting the problem.

Today more failures with one at about8:55 am PDST that initiated a Roon rescan of my library.

I know your folks are quite busy tackling a long list of problems but thought you can suggest when they might get to this one. I’ve seen others having similar Qobuz/Roon restarts in the support area. And it may well be that there’s no common trigger for these. I’ve had this problem since March.

This just happened to me twice today. Nucleus streaming Qobuz. Both times I was about 90-120 min into a listening session. The player froze and then reconnected after 30 sec or so. First time I’ve experienced this particular issue.

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Follow these guidelines so Support can tackle your specific symptoms/situation:

Sorry - just trying to add another datapoint - it would appear we are not the only ones experiencing this. My details are as follows:

  • Hardware: Roon Nucleus (Rev 2) direct USB out into Chord M-Scaler >>> Chord DAVE
  • Control: Roon App using both iOS (iPhone 11) and Android (Amazon Fire)
  • Networking: Nucleus connected via ethernet to Comcast XFi Gateway (Gen 3; CGM4331COM)
  • Issue: Experienced two cutouts / Nucleus restarts on May 1 whilst streaming Qobuz. The first cutout occurred about 90 minutes into a listening session and the second was about 2 hours later. In both cases, the audio cut out, then about 10 seconds later I got the “can’t find the core” message on the app and the Nucleus subsequently rebooted.

Any news on this? Made the mistake of playing Qobuz via Roon today. Roon crashed and rebooted once again and rescanned my source drive.

I had another crash from playing Qobuz today. 15 min into a session. Is a fix on the way?

No. Been over a month since Dylan reported here that the Roon QA team was investigating. Either they’re overloaded with problems and this one is of less importance than others, or it’s a pretty tough one to “untangle”. Since this one seems to be Qobuz specific to Roon (I can use Qobuz without issue via other players) you might want to ping Qobuz to see if they’ve any reports of similar symptoms.

If unresolved this will impact their bottom line.

Any news on this?

I updated my Nucleus to build 795 tonight and made the mistake of turning Roon Radio on after playing library tracks from my HDD. Promptly got a Qobuz crash just three songs in. This is getting very, very annoying. Qobuz is essentially unusable via Roon for me right now. Is there anything I can do to assist the support team with this?

At this point, since it’s been nearly 2 months since I started this thread, you might want to set your Roon radio only to source your library. I’ve gotten to using another player on another device to access Qobuz and feed my system that way. It’s clearly not ideal — no radio functionality. You may not have that option.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can rearrange my rig to accommodate a different streamer. Totally not ideal.

Part of me wonders whether this bug is caused by Qobuz requiring a bit too much system memory, which would crash a regular Nucleus (4GB), but not a Nucleus+ (8GB) or a properly outfitted home-brew NUC. Are the only people experiencing this issue base model Nucleus users? I certainly am. I’ve ordered some additional RAM modules to take me up to 16GB and will report back.

You bring up a possible cause, though it would seem unlikely. Your acquisition of additional memory will be interesting — especially if there’s a memory leak in the Roon code unique to Qobuz specific processing. A symptom of running out of system resources is an OS panic which may lead to a system reboot.

Only the Roon tech support has both problem reports and the version of hardware and configuration info of users (like DSP and other factors).

What’s disappointing is the lack of any communication from support.

Hello @stevebythebay / @etr385 ,

Thank you for the reports here! Our team is looking into this. I don’t have any specific timelines I can provide just yet, but we’ll be sure to update everyone when we have more information. Thanks!

Do you have all you need from users on this problem? Given there’s been at least one update since I reported this back in March would additional logs help? I could restart my usage of Qobuz via Roon again to capture addition failure events.

Today I tested Qobuz again. Roon failed around 8:53 or thereabouts and when I tried to use it soon after a curious message about updating and needing to do something with cataloging again popped up. But of course there hasn’t been an update in quite some time and nothing that I can tell suggests a new one today. Let me know if another log needs capturing.

I also see this frequently. Roon simply stops after one Qobuz track. I then see a horizontal flashing line along the play line

Paul: your symptoms seem somewhat different. Suggest you provide details to support on your setup and ask what other items, such as logs, they may want to receive from you.