Qobuz playback stops mid track [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Noticed recently that when using Roon to play Qobuz tracks, whether it’s lengthy playlists of even most albums, it will stop playing for no apparent reason. I’ll also see that I’ve lost communication with Roon in the process from my iPad.

Just to be clear that this is not a problem with my network or Qobuz, I can access the same playlists and albums through my dCS Upsampler via the dCS Mosaic app and there’s never a hang.

What’s happening???


Is this over WiFi?

I’ve experienced the same thing too over WiFi. And this is for regular CD quality tracks with no upsampling or DSP.

Separately, I’d occasionally have the same issue when streaming upsampled tracks over WiFi. But that’s a different issue that I’ve spent a lot of time troubleshooting and think I’m starting to understand that issue.

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May be due to the “need” for shutting down my Nucleus and powering again. After I did so, I seem to be OK. There seem to be many such anomalies with Roon. For example, if changing upstream network configuration of any sort, Roon loses the ability to fully function; trying to get a proper check of Roon Core software fails. So, it’s always seemingly best to, at a minimum, restart Roon Core and go from there after updates.

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Hello @stevebythebay,

Please note the exact local time + date when this issue next occurs and the name of the track that was playing and upload your Roon Logs by using these instructions. The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service please let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.


Will do. However, based on the recent shutdown/reboot that may well have “fixed” the problem as I noted I my recent reply to Francis Gan. I launched a 4+ hour jazz playlist from Qobuz and after more than 2 1/2 hours into the playback I had not a single outage/stoppage of play. If I do note anything like the symptoms I experienced, I’ll follow your instructions.

OK. So it happened twice today in a short span of time.

First at 8:45 PDST on track Scherzo no.1 of “Chopin: Sherzi & Ballades”
Then around 9:06 on the 3rd piece of the same album.

Here’s a link to the zipped log file -

Let me know if you need anything else. It’s not clear if this is the proper means for responding, but I have no specific email address for you or support.

Again playing stopped while listening to another Qobuz album today at 7:51 PDST. Let me know if you wish to have more logs, and if I should place the link here or send via some email address.

One thing that always happens when this occurs: right after the moment it happens and I try to open the Roon app from my iPad I’m greeted by a message indicating it cannot access the Nucleus server. I can access Qobuz from my dCS Mosaic app w/o any issues. Also, I never have these symptoms while playing Roon’s Live Radio.

Hi @stevebythebay

Looking at the logs, I see that RoonServer stopped and restarted itself at the time that you mentioned. I’m not 100% certain the reason for this, though — I’m passing this report along to our QA team so they can take a closer look and provide some additional feedback on what’s happening. Once I’ve met with them to discuss their findings I’ll be sure to follow up.


I agree it’s certainly curious that, for some reason, using Qobuz, rather than simply playing my local library, or even the internet radio, triggers the Roon server to stop/restart itself. Hope there’s enough info in the logs to diagnose the problem. Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide, or if they want me to install anything on the Nucleus (test version, etc.) to see what happens.

Happened again this morning at about 8:15am PDST

Hi @stevebythebay

I just wanted to let you know that our QA team is continuing to investigate here and do some internal testing — I’ll be in touch as soon as possible with the feedback from their investigation.

Thanks. I’ll continue to play Qobuz from Roon to see if/when another incident occurs. Seems quite unpredictable.

Happened again this morning at 7am PDST. Roon goes away. Takes numerous attempts to reconnect via the Roon app before I can return to where the music from Qobuz stopped.

And twice more this morning…very frustrating.

Any update on this? My bet is on either Qobuz “tripping up” the Roon Core (Roon not handling things properly) or, more likely, the Nucleus specific implementation of Roon Core, if few others are reporting the problem.

Today more failures with one at about8:55 am PDST that initiated a Roon rescan of my library.

I know your folks are quite busy tackling a long list of problems but thought you can suggest when they might get to this one. I’ve seen others having similar Qobuz/Roon restarts in the support area. And it may well be that there’s no common trigger for these. I’ve had this problem since March.

This just happened to me twice today. Nucleus streaming Qobuz. Both times I was about 90-120 min into a listening session. The player froze and then reconnected after 30 sec or so. First time I’ve experienced this particular issue.

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Follow these guidelines so Support can tackle your specific symptoms/situation:

Sorry - just trying to add another datapoint - it would appear we are not the only ones experiencing this. My details are as follows:

  • Hardware: Roon Nucleus (Rev 2) direct USB out into Chord M-Scaler >>> Chord DAVE
  • Control: Roon App using both iOS (iPhone 11) and Android (Amazon Fire)
  • Networking: Nucleus connected via ethernet to Comcast XFi Gateway (Gen 3; CGM4331COM)
  • Issue: Experienced two cutouts / Nucleus restarts on May 1 whilst streaming Qobuz. The first cutout occurred about 90 minutes into a listening session and the second was about 2 hours later. In both cases, the audio cut out, then about 10 seconds later I got the “can’t find the core” message on the app and the Nucleus subsequently rebooted.