Radio doesn't start after some Tidal songs


Running ROCK 1.4 build 300, some Tidal songs start radio and others don’t, when the new Franz Ferdinand album finishes radio doesn’t start, radio starts ok after the new Simple Minds album…it’s somewhat repeatable and very annoying.



Did you add one album to your library and the other on not?

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Both in my library.

Probably nothing but it looks like at the 10 second remaining point Radio chooses the next track.

The countdown to 10 on the FF album was erratic jumping seconds. 20 18 17 16 12…

On the SM album the countdown was perfect. 20 19 18 17 16…

@brian @danny?

Hi @Richard_Thornton ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us.

I am going to be coordinating with our tech team to do some in house testing to see if we come up with the same results when playing back the TIDAL content mentioned in your post. I will keep you up to date on our progress and what the team comes up with during their evaluation. Your patience is appreciated!


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FYI I also get fairly frequent TIDAL connectivity issues, entire tracks, sometimes multiple tracks being skipped, it’s hard to know how often it happens because it will keep trying the tracks one after the other until it gets one that plays.

It’s probably not connected because going from Tidal to Radio the next track is going to be local.

Hi @Richard_Thornton ----- Thank you for the follow up.

To offer a quick update. One of our tech team members tried reproducing this behavior using the same content mentioned in your report and unfortunately was unable to do so :face_with_head_bandage: In light of this would you kindly please expand on the description of your setup so we have a better sense of the gear you are working with and any other details you can provide, procedurally speaking, that triggers this issue to occur.


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@Eric, well ROCK is a skull canyon NUC attached by USB to a Korg DAC, my music is on a Linux Samba server.

My internet is 20/20 and usually pretty reliable.

Radio is perfect with local content.

I volume level and convert all music to DSD.

With 10 seconds to the end of the tidal FF album I recall seeing the radio choice flash up for less than a second and disappear again, with the SM album the radio choice stays there.

Wondering out loud if it could be a tidal tagging issue messing with radio, FF’s tidal tags confuse radio but SM’s tags don’t.

Hope that helps, let me know what else you need, I could grabs logs or maybe even do a video of the Roon UI when it fails.

Thanks for the insight @Richard_Thornton, very appreciated!

Along with this new information, I would also like to enable diagnostics on your account so we can have a closer look into this behavior you are experiencing with the mentioned content. With this in mind may I very kindly ask you to please reproduce the issue and note the time when the error occurred. Once I have a clear sense as to when the problem is experienced I will go ahead and enable the mentioned diagnostic on your account.


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@Eric This happened last night (22nd) at 20:37:11 in Sydney, Australia.

I have lots of music similar to Simple Minds in my local library…

The track you’re playing here track isn’t in your library – you can tell because the Favorite icon is greyed out.

Right now Radio will only start based on tracks in your library, but we are hoping to address that limitation soon, as described here:

@eric @mike but from memory in Roon if I navigate to Tidal and then Your Favorites I see the Simple Minds album there, I don’t use the Tidal App or the Tidal web site so I probably added it to favorites through Roon, why wouldn’t a favorite be added to my library, what is the difference in workflow between adding to library and adding to favorites?

Also shouldn’t the UI change if radio isn’t going to work, maybe grey out the radio section if radio isn’t going to start, maybe the radio section could also give a reason why radio isn’t going to work?

Yeah, I can see the confusion.

When TIDAL content is in your library, it could be a partial album (if you only added one track, for example) or you might have edited the album in Roon.

This is subtle detail, but even if the album is in your library, we have to give you access to the original copy on TIDAL too, since you might want to access the rest of the tracks, for example.

Roon is built around your library, and many of our most powerful features are designed to help you explore your library. Focus, Favorites, Tags, Radio, Discover – all of these features work on the content in your library for the moment.

Anyway, this is the real issue:

We give you access to the TIDAL version of your content on that screen as more of a utility – that’s why that screen is a bit hidden away, and why features like Filter, Sorting, and Focus aren’t present there.

The real power of Roon happens in your library, and if you access these albums via Library > Albums, I believe Radio will start as expected.

Hope that helps, just let us know how that goes.

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