Recommended NUC for HQPLAYER

(Ofer Elaz) #41

Great ! Thanks

Just one more problem I have.
When I load Hqplayer I can’t do much in the settings because the settings screen is “compressed” together.
I am attaching a screenshot

How do I fix this?

(Ofer Elaz) #42

Maybe @jussi_laako can help out with this?

(Ofer Elaz) #43

Hi @andybob,

Any clue?

I am not receiving an answer from anybody regarding this…
Hope you can help out…

(Andrew Cox) #44

Sorry, no. I’ve never seen anything like that. Updating your graphics driver and reinstalling HQ Player would be my suggestions.

(Ofer Elaz) #45

I will try that.
Thanks for the reply

(Morten Valbjørn) #46

Ofer_Elaz…Maximize the window…helps…doneit myself

(Ofer Elaz) #47


So I bought the Raspberry pi 3. :slight_smile:

Will HQplayer NAA work on the Win10 IoT Core or would I need to install a full version of Win10?


(Sean) #48

I would recommend this:

Fingers crossed that it works for you… it’s worked for me without issues.

(Ofer Elaz) #49

So let me get this right…

After I burn this image to the SD card and load the Raspberry PI it automatically loads the NAA HQP Daemon without me doing anything ? No OS is needed at all?

Thanks for the help…

(Sean) #50

Yep check out that link above.

Jussi himself describes it…

Read the later posts too. Whether it works for you… fingers crossed.

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(Ofer Elaz) #51

Great! I am going to try…

BTW: Do you have problems using the NAA with 512 DSD upsampling/native?

Thanks again.

(Sean) #52

I haven’t use the RPi NAA at DSD512.

I doubt it will work using hard wired ethernet (do try though) but I’ve seen reports DSD512 works with the latest RPi3 Model B+ over WiFi.

The latest RPi3 Model B+ features dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi. WiFi and USB don’t share same bus power in the latest Pi.

I don’t have the RPi3 B+ so I can’t confirm.

Note, if you want to setup WiFi on the RPi3, you may be better off using DietPi instead of the NAA image I linked. DietPi allows you to both setup WiFi and install NAA, so DietPi is another good option to consider.

(Ofer Elaz) #53

Great explanation.
What a bummer that the usb and ethernet use the same bandwith…

If I have a Win10 on the main powerful machine and I use Dietpi on the Raspberry pi will HQP succeed in finding the NAA even though the two computers don’t use the same OS?

(Sean) #54

Will it succeed for you? If I could answer that, I would have also predicted the winning lotto numbers in the most recent lotto megadraw… :grin:

Give it a try and report back.

But you won’t be wasting your time trying - it can definitely work. I have HQP Embedded on Linux playing to Windows NAA, for example. And @andybob has HQP Desktop on Windows playing to Linux NAA.

(Ofer Elaz) #55


I will definitely try that and report back! :slight_smile:


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(Ofer Elaz) #56


Just got my new computer with the i9900k (without adding the geforce 2080 ).

Great news! All filters are working perfectly and the cpu marks around 40% while playing the poly sync xtr mp for instance.::

So happy to finally check out the non -2s filters :slight_smile:

Thought it would be handy for others to see that I can work with the i9900k without having to use the Geforce graphic card…


(Jeff) #57

DSD256 I assume without any rate family changing?

(Sean) #58

Hi Ofer,

Can you do PCM44.1k to DSD512x48 (24576000 Hz) xtr non-2s?

(Ofer Elaz) #59

It is DSD256 and I have auto rate family checked.
I actually have no idea what the “auto rate family “ option is meant for…
Does it affect the sound in any matter?

(Ofer Elaz) #60

Hi Sean,

Unfortunately my Lampi B7 goes up to 256 .
I am considering upgrading it to 512 .
I was told that it would be a marginal difference in sound rather than using the heavier non -2s filters…

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