Recommended USB interfaces for Active DSP crossover


I’m considering using Roon for an active crossover setup, in which Roon would set the crossovers in software.

I am considering the Okto Dac 8, various motu and Focusrite units.

It would be great to understand which units have been successful for fellow roon DIYers.

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I use a Motu 8A, with Roon running on windows. It works great with one caveat: if the sample rate of the source material doesn’t match the sample rate of the last track played, Roon loses control of the Dac. You have to push play a second time (which makes Motu change its sample rate to that of the new source material).

For simplicity, I’ve fixed the sample rate of the Motu to 96kHz and upsample or downsample all sources to 96kHz in Roon. One added benefit of Motu is that it’s a studio mixer. I’ve also hooked up my home theatre and another couple of analogue sources as inputs. I don’t have to worry about switching sources.The Dac will just play whatever source is coming in (or two or three sources at the same time if that’s what you want).

My crossover DSP is calculated through Audiolense for optimal time alignment of all drivers.

Just a warning Motu doesn’t seem to work if Roon runs on Linux (no driver).


I’m using Focusrite 18i20 Gen3 with Audiolense.

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Really helpful information.
I wonder if there are any Okto Dac8 users here?
Seems like a great units, that measures very well.

How much CPU use are you getting with your multi way setup, up sampling to 96k?
How many channels are you processing?
How do you find the sound quality?
Is the Motu8 quiet? do you get any hiss from the unit? (That’s not amp related).

Any feedback on the combo?

Is it silent? Any noise/hiss?
Sampling issues?
Are you using with windows, Mac or Linux?

I have Roon running on a Nuc (not super powerful: Intel Core i3-7100U). Sample rate conversion to 96kHz, 3 way speakers (6 paths 131k taps). The processor show 8x, so not too taxing.
The motu is dead quiet with my ear to the speaker (91dB (2.83 Volts @ 1 m) sensitivity). Mind you the amp gain is set at only 17.0 dB.

No sampling issues once set at 96kHz.
The sound quality is perfect (THD below audible).
I’m using Windows.
As I said Linux is a no go with Motu.

No experience with okto but the reviews are great.

Ok amazing.

My amps have circa 14db. So noise should be low. But I will be using 97rb sensitive drivers. Compression top end and miss.

Thanks for that info.

The DAC? No noise and hissing coming from the DAC… if anyone is having any noise or hiss from a DAC there’s a problem. Ground loop noise is a different thing though, that’s an overall system thing. But not issues at my end fortunately.

Hiss from active speakers is also a thing for some models. Maybe amp.

No sampling issues. I use Linux and macOS trouble free.

That’s great info thanks.

Did you install drivers for Linux?

No drivers Focusrite to install for Linux. It’s not officially supported.

I use HQPlayer OS (Linux).

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Thanks for this info.
I’m not interested in HQ Player at this stage.
I suspect I will need to put a Win10 PC back in my listening room.
Just need a silent solution.

I have been happy with my RPI4 via USB to my RME ADI2.
My core currently sits on a HP elitedesk i7 9700, which is super snappy.

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