Repaired Nucleus No Longer Recognizes NAD M33 as Roon Ready

Nucleus -Rev B (Serial #54B2038B9DA2)
Connected directly to Orbi Mesh Router via ethernet
approximately 20,000 songs on internal storage
connected wirelessly to NAD M33, Bluesound Pulse Bar, Bluesound Node 2

I just received a Nucleus that was repaired after some problems with its Roon Server. I connected the repaired unit to my system, and it updated its software, however, the Roon software no longer recognizes my NAD M33 amplifier as ROON Ready. Roon will no longer play on this device except through Airplay. How do I fix this? @support

Is that device on the current Roon list of Roon Ready devices?

Yes. It was fully functional when I sent the Nucleus in for repair.

Is it possible it now shows up as a different device in settings:audio and needs enabling now?
Could you post a screenshot of your settings: audio page?

I was thinking about this. Was this resolved?

Does not show up as a new device. I have a screenshot of the audio settings below.

Have you tried a reboot of the NAD?
Not many ideas after that I am afraid though.
How are you connected to the M33?
Is it just on the network or did you use HDMI from the nucleus to it?

If on the network, can you " see" the M33 via a browser if you type in it’s IP address?

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I’m just wondering if this was one of the devices that lost it’s “Roon Ready” status because it wasn’t yet actually “Roon Ready.” Some of those devices continued to work until a Roon update was done.

I may be confusing the issue, but just raising that as a possible reason for your issue. Maybe it’s been resolved by now. IDK.

I rebooted the NAD and the device appeared in the Roon Ready category of the Audio section. I enabled it and the amplifier is working fine with Roon. Thank you @The Hammer for the advice.


@Jim_F This was originally a unit that was decertified during the “great decertification”. Since I had bought the unit before the decertification date, I was allowed to continue to use Roon as a developer. Eventually, when the unit was granted its eventual certification, a software update granted its ultimate status. I don’t think that this was the issue with this case. It appears that the reboot of the NAD reestablished a “handshake” with the Roon Core.

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Excellent news!
Enjoy your music now!

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