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I’m in :raised_back_of_hand:


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You all should have received the invitation.
Best DrCWO

First impression of rooMax beta

I’ve been happy with the roo6D extension @DrCWO makes, to connect my 3Dconnexion Space Mouse device to Roon. My stereo system, Roon core and Raspberry Pi are mostly hidden away here. So to the casual observer, it seems like the Space Mouse is my music system when I tap it to pause music, twist to turn the volume up, or tap a button on the side to change tracks. The world’s most minimal music system - boiled down to the volume knob and a few buttons. Maybe a little bit too minimal, though. Sometimes I forget - do I push the knob right to advance through the track, or push it forward? And the knob doesn’t actually rotate, it just allows for a small rotary nudge in either direction. Fine for small volume adjustments, but a bit of a pain for large changes.

So when the good doctor announced the new rooMax extension, to connect a Xencelabs Quick Keys device to Roon, I picked up one of the devices right away. ($99.) Now I’m helping him beta test the extension, and it’s been a very positive experience so far. The Quick Keys device is small and well made - not a tank like the Space Mouse but pretty high quality. It’s got a knob but also a small display with several flanking buttons, so it removes some of the minimalism that the Space Mouse imposes.

The extension lets me define what each of the 8 buttons does - and the display shows button labels, volume and track time. One option is to make a button start up a playlist or radio station. I’ve found this valuable, since I sometimes forget I even have those playlists. Looking at the Quick Keys display in the morning, it’s easy to just pick one of the several playlists I’ve chosen to get my musical day started.

It’s early days of course, and this is beta software. So there’s been a few glitches, but already the basic functionality works fine. Niceties such as adjusting the brightness of the display or the sensitivity of the volume knob rotation are already present. It’s possible to define several sets of button definitions, and to change between them with the device’s Set button. I’m impressed! Based on my experience with other rooExtend extensions, I’m confident this will quickly mature into a very useful add-on to Roon.


I am also beta testing rooMax. I agree to everything @Brian_Doherty posted above. Furthermore, I specially love the possibility to add Radio stations to the Quick Keys device.
For me, this is an utmost useful extension to my Roon experience. It perfectly fits my needs.


@DrCWO I’d be happy to be a beta tester.

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@DrCWO: my Xencelabs Quick Keys Controller arrived today. Could you please send me your Invitation for betatesting?