Roon 1.7 causing MacbookPRO 2018 to run fans at high speed

same issue here (300%roon / 100%RAATServer)
mac mini, specs in screenshot (remote)
core is rock on nuc
network: wired to gigabit switch (dlink 1024d) both core and remote

I’m having the same problem as everybody else. The fan spins like crazy, Roon maxes CPU usage and on the energy tab in Task Manager the text turns red.

Roon 1.7 (Build 528)
Mac Mini (2018)
64GM RAM 2667Mhz DDR4
MacOS 10.15.4
Intel i7 3.2Ghz 6-core
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB
Internet via 10Gbe port
Music on local hard drive
Endpoints: Opportunity UDP-205 and PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bride II (connected via CAT6a ethernet
Streaming Services: Tidal & Qobuz

Well, not as everybody else.

Where are you in your process with Roon?
I mean, is your library already indexed, analysed and done with by Roon Core? Have you recently started the Roon application? Has it been running for a few days, while your lappy slept in between uses?

Give us some detail, please.

My company VPN seems to be the cause. Anytime I jump on the VPN for a work function, it’s Cisco AnyConnect, Roon will spin up to 300%. Every. Damn. Time. Reboot fixes. Tried quitting Roon before connecting to VPN and then restarting Roon after disconnecting, and it still goes gonzo. Only reboot resolves. I do have “Allow local (LAN) access when using VPN (if configured)” setting checked so I don’t drop my local NAS. Maybe I’ll uncheck that and see if it behaves differently next time I use the VPN.

Only a single test, but it seems that if I don’t have the “Allow local (LAN) access when using VPN (if configured)” setting checked when I get on my VPN, I don’t see the problem. It does take me a few tries to get my NAS remounted after killing the VPN, but once my NAS is connected and I relaunch Roon, it behaves normally and utilization is normal.

Hi Support,

Has any progress been made on this issue. It had disappeared for awhile but with the latest update it sems to be back. Shutting it down and restarting is not helping at present. A reboot did help.

I never pay attention to the CPU usage, the thing that is driving me crazy is the GPU usage in my iMac, but look at this, CPU usage as well is high (Catalina +537, iMac 2019 core), it is around 300% Roon and RAAT around 90% high consistently I monitored it for about an hour:

@support I think we really need actions from QA in my case both GPU and CPU are an issue, so many issues in macOS.

Many threads reporting this as well.
@Danny please a hand so QA help us with these issues.

Its been several months (6 or more) the users are reporting these issues and no updates from QA or communication with the users: Very high CPU load on MAC

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I am having the same problem with my Roon on my MacBook Pro 15" 2019. This is crazy that there has been no solution from Roon in over 6 months. Roon, I see you have been able to reproduce the issue. I just cannot use Roon on my MacBook Pro with the Roon client overheating and fan on full. Close Roon, fan stops and temperature slows down. Roon, can you please put a senior tech on fixing this so that Apple users can use your product.

macOS Catalina v. 10.15.4
MacBook Pro (15", 2019)
2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radon Pro Vega 20 4GB




Excuse the late reply. Lots going on now as you all aware.

The Roon library was scanned and analyzed months ago, nothing has been added since. Same for Tidal and Qobuz, I logged into my accounts around the same time I added all my music to Roon.
The problem starts when I leave Roon on after an hour or two (no sleeping between use), CPU usage and energy jump in Activity Monitor (energy is usually in red colored font). I try to quit the Roon app but it just hangs for ever so I have to force quit it 90% of the time. Only Roon does this. If I use my other apps without Roon my Mac Mini will behave normally.

Had this problem last night for the first time, new to Roon. Running Roon Core on my 2019 MacBook Pro 16". Was streaming from my Node 2i, local music was not even attached. Fans went full blast until I shut down Roon. I’d say I was only listening for about half an hour. Nothing else major running on the computer. Screensaver was going at the time. Roon was definitely taking all the resources in the activity monitor.

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This is working for me for my core/endpoint iMac 2019:

I backed up Roon DB > removed Roon completely > downloaded Roon Server for Mac, Bridge and Roon > Proceeded with the install:

1-Roon server.
2-Roon bridge.
3-Roon to have an interface.

Restored the DB then positive results, its been running for one day:

My CPU usage went down from 300% to around 4%.

Even if your affected Mac is not the core machine you may deploy first Roon Bridge then Roon to have an interface… could make the difference apparently.
Hope it helps.

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That doesn’t make any sense? The Roon package already contain the Bridge and Server parts.
As you can see you have more than one instance of RoonSeerver and RoonBridge also, and they will most likely be competing over the same resources within the DB???

that is a valid concern. Other than that from the user perspective, I am quite impressed about the outcome of this implementation change, currently playing tunes 1.1% cpu usage :slight_smile:

I notice no DB access conflicts, the secondary process is completely idle, no weird messages from the logs.

Okaj, whatever works! :slight_smile: I rarely see numbers that low, but i use the “complete” Roon package on my MBP.

yeah… no joke:

I was still curious about this duplicate process name, so I went to my old MacBook Air and removed all Roon packages from it, rebooted, installed Roon Server only, it does show the duplicate processes:

then did the same for the Roon bridge:

I think it just normal Roon macOS behavior and unrelated to the deployment ¨by modules¨ I did, so no DB issues drama or anything ahead.

@support , @noris Are there any updates on this issue While it is random and curable for a time with a reboot, it can be troublesome if it is not noticed and the computer fans run at high speed while unattended.

Hello All,

Please see Dylan’s update regarding this issue here:


Thanks for the update!

Turning on wifi and then turning of wifi dropped my cpu from 400% to 3-4%. A workaround at least.