Roon 1.8 Android hangs and have to force close app [Fixed in Build 795]

Since the 1.8 update I have to force close the Android app on my huawei mate 20 pro after switching app away from roon and then back again to get it to load up.

This doesn’t always happen but last night it happened 5 times in a row. When it does get stuck it just freezes on the ROON logo splash screen and gets no further until force closing the app. I had no issues on 1.7 (overall I really like 1.8 and this is my only complaint so far).

Anyone else getting the same issue?


Same here. This morning Roon did not startup on my Note 20 Ultra. 1.7 Was never a problem but 1.8 on Android is a bad experience. After hard close of the remote app it started up as usual.

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I have the same problem on my Galaxy S8. Sometimes even force closing it doesn’t work, I have to do it 3-5 times before I can get Roon past the splash screen. It’s super annoying and didn’t happen with 1.7, even more frustrating is Roon was a brilliant way to get my wife to engage with my Hi-Fi, her app not opening every time has immediately switched her off. And of course it would, no one wants to mess about force closing an app 3 times before it finally opens.


Getting similar issues with my Galaxy S20+.
App opens and connects to the core, is stable for a while, then loses connection, then hangs on ‘Remote Connection waiting for remote core’.
No matter how many times I force close the app it will still hang. I leave it and use my laptop to control Roon. When I try it again later it works, but then hangs again etc etc

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Yep i also found that im having to close it 3-4 times to get it working. Really annoying as i need to use the app to play and pause so it can be a real pain!

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Yes, same issue here, on two devices: mate 10 pro and Mediapad M5

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I use a Mate 10 pro and Mediapad M5.
The Mediapad M5 has started to hang often since yesterday - doesn’t get past the 1st Roon screen. Have to force close and retry, usually comes back after 2 or 3 attempts and then is OK the tablet has been sleeping.
The Mate 10 is more stable but has the same issue now and then.

On a side note I find the Mediapad M5 to be very slow across the board these days. Its in bare bones form apart from Brave, YouTube & Roon yet is at snail pace 99% of the time.

Same issue here
I cannot launch the app with out closing trying again, closing Tring again… Or I am stock on this screen

Plus since today, it is no more possible to see album cover

Nb, I have a Samsung galaxy S10 5G

Every devices were updated.
Yes it is worse since then

Same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S8. Restarting server, clearing app cache and data no difference. Sometimes a force stop doesn’t work and just need to keep trying. Wouldn’t restart after changing the theme from light to dark.

Frustrating because Roon has no web interface like LMS so scuppered without the app.

Same problems with samsung S9+


I am having the same problem on an S8. Closing the app and re-opening did not even fix the problem. I had to re-boot the phone.

Seems to have started after the last server update.

Try uninstall and reinstall the app. It did the trick here.
Let’s see if it lasts.

I have restarted the core and cleared app cache but will try reinstalling and see of that helps. Last night it took me 7 attempts after installing the latest core update so fingers crossed a reinstall of the app helps!

After reinstalling the app the same problem remains. Clearly there is a wider issue here as the issue is not isolated to just my android device.

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I have the same issue on my Android phone. No problem on laptop or iPad though.
Reinstalled twice and now it freezes opening the settings. I can close it and restart and works but will “Black screen” probably 1 out of 3 times I open it.

Same issue here. Samsung S20. Hangs on splash screen

Now, I think I found something funny. If I use my ios device to connect to the core, then android works normally. If I try to connect from Android in the first time, it won’t go. It is as if the android app cannot “wake up” the core

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I think you’re on to something here. I have an Android phone and this is exactly what’s happening for me. Once I wake up the Roon app on my Core PC, then the app on my phone can connect.

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Agree. Experienced the same on my Note S20 Ultra when going in first thing in the morning, but if I open the Win client first, I don’t get any issues subsequently on my phone.

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