Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Hi, there are a number of users effected by this issue, and Roon are aware:

I would suggest also posting in that topic so Roon have a better understaning of the number of users effected by this issue.

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I’m grateful to the Roon developers for build 778, particularly the genre/composer/album fixes. Along with restored amenities like composition/performance counts and composition indentation, 1.8 is now a more useful release for me than was 1.7.

Broken discovery page. This is on MBP, latest OS, Qobuz. In the previous version it was just grey boxes instead of the jazzy new broken images.

The best part of 1.8? The wonderful, WUNNDERFUL “Recent Listening” box. Not only does it take up a lot of space on the Home page, it also allows you to see at a glance how much you use Roon, so you can quickly decide, “Hell, I’m not using this much. I’m dropping my subscription.”


Pretty funny, Bob. I figured it was there because so many Roon users suffer from memory problems!

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There is a best part?

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I love this function as I can just click back to something I want to enjoy again. I have to agree though, if your not using Roon, why pay for it? Equally, why criticise it and trouble the forums… Time to move on perhaps…


This attitude bugs me. First of all, I’m a lifetime subscriber and I love Roon because it works. When people complain about something they hope for a change, because they don’t want to leave Roon.

For my taste Roon 1.8 and even 1.7 had not enough personal settings. This is with 1.8 so much more annoying, because 1.7 was closer to my personal taste. I think it’s nice that Fans of Classical Music get their Classical Composer View, but why am I forced to use it too?

To see only 2 of 3361 composers as standard drives me nuts. Why is there no simple setting for such stuff. :frowning:

Personal settings are a simple solution for so much stuff. The recent listening box, the round pictures, the fonts, the dead space and so on.

My personal favorite using Roon in the last weeks was the discovery of rooDial, so I can simply hear music, without being upset about the Roon UI.


Do you not only have to change the composer setting once and then it remembers the last setting?


I believe so it can be set to classical only or all music if I remember.

@Sloop_John_B and @CrystalGipsy
You’re both right, I didn’t recognized this because i used 99% of the time the links on the home screen. Thanks for the hint.

So there is only the composers link in the home screen hardwired to classical composers. Still annoying. :wink:


Yup, it’s a visual pun (the C-clef = Classical) put in as a nod to those who listen to Classical music. For those who don’t, it’s pretty much irrelevant.

Bob till you drop, Bob.

Irrelevant? Honestly? In my musical world are Composers Producers and they are a lot, but definitely not irrelevant. :frowning:

I’m digging for music just because J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, etc. was a Producer. The great thing about Roon was the easy way to find connections between artists/bands in your local music and suggestions what to buy next.

As I say - it’s hard-wired to display Classical Composers, not composers of other genres.

From the link on the Home page, you will only see Classical Composers:

However, once you set the Composers Browser to display ALL Composers, this setting is “sticky” and every time you return to the Composers Browser, you will see ALL composers…


What’s your point Geoff? It work’s like intended? Would it hurt if there would be a setting “Show all composers/only classical composers” which even includes the Home Screen?

Yes. I just realized this. I have tons of underground punk and metal albums that aren’t “identified”. they no longer show up under the artist.


I have found a bug in 778 that is crashing my iPhone, MacBook and iPad, all used as remotes. When I click on my tags , for instance I have 37 albums tagged as MQA 352 classical, the albums all appear and look great . I can scroll down through the albums, but as soon as I start to scroll back up, Roon freezes. Every time. The core is running on a Windows 10 laptop dedicated to Roon. The MacBook sends crash reports. The IOS apps just reboot or I have to close them as they are frozen. Music continues to play. The core seems unaffected. I don’t know if this has been reported already or if this is the right place to report it.


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See also my post here:

Thanks, I posted in your thread. Misery loves company… :wink: