Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

on the other hand… I’m happy to report “pick” sign is back in compositions too :slight_smile:

well done, guys. thank you so much :+1: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(… even though it took a few years to fix this one :grimacing: :joy:)

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Qobuz marked and liked - stays unmarked in qobuz library and by adding circle of death…
What’s wrong with you? So many complains and still so many problems. Please try to test much harder next time. I think you’re beta tester not really testing. It’s so increadible unstable, even with new strong hardware…

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First they need to get basic search to work. Lately, it seems to often come back with something ‘popular’ at the top level vs the what was actually searched for.

The re-design of the Focus allows you to select whether you want to “Match All” or “Match Any”. How do you do this ?

There is a small lcon to the right of the specific focus category headings:


It only works for a subset of the Roon-applied metadata tags - e.g. Genre type of thing. There is a little icon to the right of the category in focus.

Doesn’t work for user Tags and a bunch of other metadata. But works for some.


@Andreas_Philipp1 has created a support topic on the unexpected behaviour from the new Match All/Any logic:

Please comment and support.


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No “Allow for more covers and photos” setting on Android phone? It’s there on the tablet, but not my phone

Also called a pacifier! :smile:

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From other posts by Roon staff the 5K limit is by design. However, shuffle is now truly random.

I’m guessing that that is simply due to the limited screen estate on phones. The album/artist text information can already be truncated with just two albums in each row, so with more albums that information would be increasingly meaningless.

Two lines for Album title, one for artist, one for version info (on previous build, iPhone).

However, if Roon provide the option to remove all the text, so we just get an ‘album wall’ perhaps that could allow for more covers? A new feature request?

Ya, this feature makes no sense on a phone. instead of 2 albums a row you want to display 2 1/2?

Dunno :slight_smile: Weren’t the albums smaller on 1.7 on phone as well? Maybe I am misremembering, but 2x2 seems not much. Maybe a list view option would be nice in the future, Qobuz shows me 9 in a list.

thats why I never use a phone for Roon. Its suitable for home use only anyway. And there I have an iPad at hand. Or for simple tasks I talk to Siri :wink:


I use mostly the laptop and the tablet, but sometimes I have the phone on me but not the laptop :slight_smile:

Of course. I agree.

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It only works on the core, I do not have this option on the Ipad remote. about.
What is going on ?

I’m not yet seeing the update for iOS on the Apple store (UK), have you received the update?

It wouldn’t make sense for the Match All/Any logic to be missing from certain devices.

EDIT: update is now available on UK store.

I was doing updates today, but as I checked to version 764, maybe it’s because of it.
Several other things are also not working as expected.

It’s certainly due to that. :grin:

Latest build is 778.

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