Roon 1.8 (Build 806) Feedback

…at least if you stream an item the artist will reap the (miniscule) benefits…

Biggest trouble with reporting issues on Roon is, that as soon as one posts about a problem - it causes an immediate backlash from users stating that they do not have the problem and it must be my fault. My network, library, hairdo :smiley:
Had this when covers suddenly changed after an update (don’t remember which one), Discography not showing, Search function sucking
Strangely being persistent and vocal about the problem at some point actually got results.
magically the problem was fixed after an update… So obviously not my personal problem,

So now I have the “search sucks even more” problem after the latest update - let’s hope and see that this problem gets solved. Even though I am probably the only one that experiences it - ok not true, there are few other lunatics with the same problem - maybe they also have the same hairdo :sweat_smile:

This results in people not writing about problems, or quickly giving up. Since nobody wants to be the village idiot.

Roon - Search really sucks (big time)


If I remember correctly, you changed your DNS and things started working for you. “Results” did not involve a fix in Roon. It involved a fix on your network.

Oh, here it is:

No, you do not remember correctly - the problems stayed and were fixed by a later update.
My DNS was not good, but that was not the cause. After you had left the thread, I had posted quite a few times, that it still did not work reliably - and after an update magically one morning it worked and has worked ever since. If you search you can actually find my posts :innocent:
That is the good thing about the internet - it does not forget.

We explicitly discussed your case and determined that your issue was DNS. We changed nothing that could have fixed your discography issues. That code wasn’t touched.

actually here is a post after that update which fixed the issue:

I am not an expert, but did you not change something in the timing for connections in that update?

As I wrote before - I had a problem - then there was an update and it was fixed.
No idea why.

All the help before did not fix the problem and there actually was a lot of help from @danny

So who knows maybe by fixing one thing in the code something else also got fixed, happens often enough vice versa.

The placebo effect is strong. Nothing in that release could have possibly fixed discography not showing up. That release was all about avoiding a situation where TIDAL CDN returned bad data. There were some other unrelated fixes in there too. I’m telling you we didn’t do anything about discography not loading for you.

I am an expert and I exactly know what went into that release because it was a tiny quickfix release.

Discography loads from our servers, not TIDAL’s CDN. The TIDAL CDN issue triggered after downloading tens of megabytes. The discography data is no where that large. Totally different code to stream audio vs getting query results about discography.

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Many thanks for the reply. I have got Qobuz working but not sure how. Did sign out of everything,rebooted everything. Didn’t work straight away but came back a little later. Think there are one or two teething issues with this update,for a while it wouldn’t let me add music to the nucleus,and I have now lost the Daily Mix from the Home Screen. Thank you

Ok, then it is me imagining it. Oh I just saw an elephant fly by my window. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Believe me there are many things that happen even though you had not planned them - therefore there are always these long threads after a big update.

BTW I was also not the only one with that problem, others also stated that it got better…

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Good that you have it working again. I don’t think this particular issue is related to this build as I’ve seen this behavior with earlier builds. But, hey, the Roon team never sits still. I’m sure it will work out eventually.

Daily mixes disappeared? Can’t find them on my main page with any of my devices.

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Yes. It comes and goes. It seems ok now but I have been getting huge gaps between tracks. Several minutes. I have also had daily mix hang completely on a track and not progress to the next at all, no matter how long I wait.

Am I missing something? Isn’t this just roon radio? I tried roon radio with daily mix seeds. Got something similar but not the same somehow. Is that the personalization? As others have noted I see a lot of duplications and a narrow selection of artists on some of the mixes. It’s a mixed bag. Some of the mixes I have enjoyed very much. But I got that with roon radio as well. It would be great if mixes and radio would choose library versions where you have them but that is a long-standing request.

"why does Roon insist on grabbing the music from Qobuz when these albums are available (and identified) in my local library, sometimes in even higher resolutions?
I want to play MY music first and foremost "

This is a big one for me. I want to Favorite a song that is playing but Roon served up the Qobuz version instead of the one in my library. I have to go to versions/select the local album/navigate to the song/favorite/go back



It look’s to me that you have a Facebook problem, not a Roon one! :rofl:

Sometimes the content of my history disappears and I have to close and launch the app on macosx to have it reappear (macOS 11.4). Regards. T.

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Is there a fix for the daily mixes yet? I had it and it’s been gone for a few days now.

I see it the same way. I can seed a radio from any artist in my library. If I want to put more decision-making in Roon’s hands, I can choose something from Discover to seed a radio. I don’t see the real big benefit of having this new (but limited in scope) feature. I am glad others find it useful!

This is a good question, what is the difference? When you say you tried “roon radio with daily mix seeds”, do you mean you took the artist that was the namesake of the playlist and started Roon Radio from the artist?

I guess the obvious difference is that a playlist you can see the whole thing at once and scan ahead. With radio, you have to hit next, get a new song generated, hit next, etc. So batch in the case of Playlist and one by one for Radio (but not that different)

Edit: and on Roon Radio you can give thumbs up and down, on playlist no apparent feedback loop (see thread i just started asking about this)