Roon 1.8 (Build 903) Feedback Thread

No problems to report, just one more data point… Updated to 903 (+904 on a macOS remote) a few hours ago, and experienced no problems whatsoever. My various endpoints & DACs were all still available, and I streamed an album from TIDAL afterwards without issue. Recently added, recently played, and recent listening info were all intact.

System: Nucleus (Rev B) with a USB DAC directly connected, two microRendu endpoints with their respective USB DACs, plus five Sonos zones connected via Wi-Fi streaming (vs. SonosNet).

Remotes: MacBook Pro (macOS 11.6.3), plus an iPhone XR and an iPad Air 2 (iOS 15.2.1).

Admittedly, I waited about 24 hours to update my system after reading some of the initial reports early-on. :sunglasses:

This is 904. Mac is running 10.15.7, not the 10.13 that’s been problematic. 903 and 904 have been weird, no crashes just weird.

I cloned my drive just before the update, I may revert tomorrow and see if that improves things.

I guess I’m gonna wait to update since I’m on an old macOS :eyes:

Seem to be having the occasional crashes on Windows 11. Scrolling seems a bit messed up an nowhere near as smooth as the past version, it seems to jitter up and down erratically rather than being smooth.

With Build 903 my Nucleus doesn’t work anymore and I can’t see the Build 904

Talked too soon.
Some help?

Today everything works normally; I didn’t do anything … let’s hope it continues like this

Very minor issue.
Core MacMini M1, 8GB, Monterey.
I have the Mac in standbye during the night.
I wake up the Mac every morning and until 903 everything started fine.
Now with 903 I have no audio devices on ipad and my iphone right after the start.
When I conect via VNC viewer on my ipad to my Mac, I can see the audio devices in the Roon app on my Mac, without doing anything, and can start playing music. From this moment the ipad and the iphone also see the audio devices (without any restart, reconnect or anything). Weird.

Hi, now all is working very well with my MacOS. Thank-you to the Roon team for the very quick operation.


My Roon just updated itself this morning and I immediately had several crashes while searching on MacOS (used as remote to a ROCK core). Seems to be running now, just reporting back in case it’s something which needs attention.

Runs stable on all my endpoints and remotes. Had a few crashes with WIN11 remote in the beginning when opening lyrics, but not anymore.
And my hair is growing back…

It’s also funny… I now see that the scrolling is smoother on iPhone 12 and old iPad, but I can’t say the way it was bugged me before. I think other people have more serious scrolling issues than I did, but maybe I just don’t notice / pay attention enough. Anyways, I can see that it is smoother now!

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Same here.

Restored from a cloned drive to 898 and all is back to normal. Times are as before with the exception of yesterday.

I’ll wait until the dust settles before updating.

I got a new update, 904. Is there a difference with 903?

You may have missed this:

Indeed, thanks for the info, Sir!

Hi, my Roon Nucleus with 903 doesn’t work.
Has someone a same problem?

Very few, I suspect. If you want support, then I suggest that you open a support request in the Nucleus Support category of the forum.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup and the nature of the issue using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they have a clear understanding of how your devices are connected. Thanks.

Smooth update; everything working fine on iPad, Mac’s and PC

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