Roon 1.8 upgrade causes dropouts across multiple components

Roon Core Machine

QNAP Model: TS-253B
Architecture: x86_64
Total Memory: 7992172
Available Memory: 2780152
QTS Version: 5.0.0 - Build: 20211001
PKG Version: 2021-10-03
Roon server: 1.8 (build 882) stable

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fibre broadband supplied to a google mesh network. QNAP connected directly via ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Multiple Sonos speakers, Sonos Connect Amp (wireless) and Naim Streamer (wired).

Number of Tracks in Library

19,502 tracks

Description of Issue

I’m finding repeated sporadic drop outs across ALL speakers and systems. Particularly happens with Radio (BBC 6 in my instance) (BBC Radio 3 issues - #5 by 0_0) but also when playing from my library (to devices over ethernet OR wirelessly). If playing from my library, after a second or two it reconnects and continuous playback. If playing radio it drops out permanently and I have to open the Roon app and click play.

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I imagine there’s something interesting in your Roon log file when this happens. I’ve not experienced this so far.

@David_Snyder I’m happy to provide them, is it secure to upload here or should I await @support to request them as this issue for some reason is progressively getting worse?

A few more days in and it’s really bad since the 1.8 upgrade. To clarify @support (a) I never had this issue using my Naim Streamer (b) although I had dropouts on Sonos, they were way less common than now (c) the music stops and sometimes re-connects but not all the time.

It’s honestly so bad I’ve had to stop using Roon on Sonos components and use the Sonos app instead and the Naim Streamer I use the Naim app now. I’ve shut everything down and restarted network, done the basics basically, etc. Please help with this.

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Hello Simon (@0_0 )

Thank you for reaching out and for your patience here while we’ve reached your case. Can you please let us know?

  • Are there any specific actions which always seem to result in a device disappearing?
  • Is there a pattern to when devices disappear?
  • How do you get a device to reappear (Reboot device? Core? Network?)
  • Do the devices ever reappear on their own?
  • Do the devices disappear when playback is active or only when idle?
  • If the device is still visible via Airplay can you initiate playback to it using airplay (from Roon or another device)?
  • Can you please note the exact local time + date + track (if playing music) when this issue appears, access your Roon logs by using these instructions and upload a set here?

Thank you!

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Thanks @noris and Happy New Year.

Sorry, there maybe confusion here as my issue isn’t with a device disappearing, the stream simply stops to the device(s).

  • The stream drops and I have to manually press play to start.
  • It rarely auto resumes.
  • It happens the majority of the time from radio streams e.g. BBC Radio.
  • It’s happened more frequently since the 1.8 upgrade.

Here is a link to my Roon logs as the form seems to block anything but image files.

You’ll see many drop outs I’m sure around the date I reported this issue. BBC Radio 6 dropped out today on my Naim Streamer around 10:30am.

Please reach out if you want more information.



Hi @support @noris any update on this. I’ve noticed various minor updates and still this persists for me. Did you gleam anything useful from the logs? I’m having to use the Sonos app more frequently now and that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth after paying for Roons lifetime license :frowning:

Hello Simon (@0_0 ),

I can’t seem to access those logs, I’ve requested permission just now though.

I’m wondering if the Core might be playing a part here, is the behavior the same if you try to host Roon on a different Core such as a PC? You can do so with these instructions:

  • Create a Backup of your current database
  • Open Roon on the other PC you wish to try as the Core
  • Roon Settings → General
  • Disconnect
  • On the “Choose your Core” screen, press “Use this PC”
  • If asked to Unauthorize, you can go ahead and do so. You are limited to one active Roon Core at a time but you are free to switch between them as often as you’d like.
  • Verify if the same behavior occurs on the different PC
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Hmmm, my concern here is that it wasn’t an issue until I upgraded to version 1.8. Wouldn’t that indicate a software and not hardware problem @noris?

Hi @0_0 ,

In your Roon logs, it looks like music was playing as expected and there was a Network is unreachable error right before the stream stops.

We are investigating a few reports surrounding BBC 3, I wonder if this could be related to your case?

It would be interesting to note if another Core also exhibits this issue, as that would rule out network issues on the QNAP.

The radio issue is really frustrating and even after the latest build released last night (903) I (and it seems other users) are still having issues. I’ve not had the time sadly to try another core and rather frustratingly innstead use Roon in a limited format e.g. one room for specific playback e.g. no live streams which I do reluctantly as I’ve paid for the life time membership. I’ll (reluctantly) keep checking if your fixes for live streaming work in the meantime but it’s quite disheartening.

Okay, further testing and with the latest update I’m now finding dropouts on playback of media located on my NAS. This is happening every few minutes, shows playback continuing but no audio. Points to note:

  • this wasn’t an issue before 1.8
  • this afaik wasn’t as evident pre 903
  • this is streaming to a Naim Streamer so completely isolated from the Sonos related hardware.

Your core processor is so underspecified that it would be good to test on another device as core.

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I would advise trying a different Core @0_0 to rule out the QNAP, your QNAP is running a Celeron CPU, which is under our i3 spec requirements. Testing different zones is also a good elimination strategy, checking System Output or HDMI outputs are good tests as those don’t need to traverse the network for playback.

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Could this be a similar issue ROON keeps losing connection to ROCK (Intel NUC)?

Music playback is interrupted and has to be restarted manually after the connection has been re-established.

This sounds similar to the problem I’m having.

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@noris I’ve now gone and purchased a brand new M1 Mac Mini plus a OWC Envoy Pro FX 2TB Portable NVMe M.2 SSD, transferred all files to the SSD, backed up and moved my core to the Mac Mini and rebooted the whole network. I can confirm the issue still persists, albeit less frequently. I’ve left the BBC radio on over the course of different days and found it’s staying on for much longer but tends to now drop out after about 5 hours. Since your 1.8 update I’m still finding now with the new hardware that combined components are dropping out and having issues even beginning a connection.

So in summary:

  • I have all the latest Roon versions
  • I have a brand new M1 Mac mini running the core
  • I have rebooted all of my network
  • I have super fast broadband

and I am still finding issues with dropouts and all round connectivity of components.

Do you have any further advice?

Hi @0_0 ,

Does the issue only impact BBC streams? TIDAL/Qobuz/Local content consistantly plays as expected? If so, we are looking into a BBC stream issue here:

Nonetheless, we can take a look to see if new Roon logs show anything, can you please provide 3 timestamps (exact local time + date) of when the issue occurs? I’ll take a look at logs to see if they provide any clues.

Hi @noris and thank you for your reply and support, I apologise for my weariness in regards to my comments.

Here is an archive of three text log files: logs

In these you’ll see one named radio where BBC radio was cutting off, one named Tidal where tidal kept disconnecting and finally one named local where local files where disconnecting also. Hopefully they’ll shed some light (I hope I got the right times, I trimmed the logs to focus on what I think were the right times),

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