Roon 2.0 - Isssue with Antipodes server

I am using Roon since quite a while but this is the worst update and actually the product is not usable.

  1. Installation on my old MacBook Air: not supported anymore. There was no hint that older Macs are excluded
  2. Roon installation on my other two MacBook Pros worked - but now they constantly loose connection to Core (Core is an Antipodes). The album list flickers / reloads constantly so it is not useable to handle or even listen to music (which is the intention - isn’t it?!)
  3. Roon ARC: getting that not working.
    All in all this is a massive disappointment and I hope to get soon support & an updated version as using this is NOT possible.
    This is the status for now +10min. Even re-installed the server. Nothing.

Now Server runs again.
But connection keeps on dropping. This is really a bad experience.

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Would have been nice to know that older MAC OS not supported


I agree. This is the worst update and the product is not usable.

Martin, where is the list of supported Macs? It’s possible I can’t get 2.0 to work on my Mac Mini, even thought it’s running Catalina 10.15. My Mac Mini is a Late 2012 Mac Mini.

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I have not seen anything nor there was a warning prior installation. This really sucks.

Sorry. But all is and was explained in the FAQ when the announcement went out. It is your job to read this material before updating. This should be the case for any sort of software update.



Try restarting your core and all your devices to see if that stops the flickering and connection issues.

There’s also a guide to downgrade and go back to 1.8 (legacy) should you wish.


Thanks - but not really. It’s not my “job” as I am a paying consumer. If such severe constraints appear I would see that as a mandatory information prominently pushed.

Anyhow. I now after 2hrs made 2.0 happen. ARC still on the list.

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Took out all other “network devices”, direct LAN from Antipodes to Router, UPnPn activated, static IP for Antipodes done. Still:

“connectivity”: {“status”:“NetworkError”,“status_code”:504,“error”:“error: Error: ETIMEDOUT, response code: undefined, body: undefined connected? undefined”},
“external_ip”: {“actual_external_ip”:“xxxx”,“router_external_ip”:“”},
“status”: “status”: MultipleNatFound
“natpmp_autoconfig”: {“status”:“NotFound”},
“upnp_autoconfig”: {“server_ip”:“”,“found_upnp”:true}

Current status is a constant flicker - product completely unusable.

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Roon did announce the compatibility in the FAQs section of its website - hence why I didn’t update my old MacBook Air.

To be honest, I’m very aware that im using an old machine now, and that increasingly software updates may not be compatible with it. It’s every user’s responsibility to check their hardware compatibility, BEFORE updating software.

I’m not sure what else you were expecting, a personal phone call from the COO?


It IS tho… when you update any software, you HAVE to check before if it’s compatible with your hardware or not. Basic stuff, really. Even if you’re paying for the product or not.


Ok - we can tick the box of reading prior installation.

But does not solve my problem on compatible devices as the connection to the core is unstable. With that the product is not usable.

Old machine… it looks to me as though Roon is in cahoots with nucleus to sell more machines.
And I note the ‘commitment’ to maintain 1.8 legacy is very qualified.
At minimum advice to turn off auto update might have been handy.

Unfortunately, it has to be said: Those of us who choose to hang on to aging pieces of technology bear the burden of taking extra care about potential compatibility snarls. I was one of those who refused to let go of Windows 7 for an inordinately lengthy time – well into Windows 10 – until I was finally convinced that I had to give in and get a 10 machine. During that lengthy overstay, I was VERY careful to read the system requirements before adding or upgrading any software. That’s just how it is. At least, that’s how I see it.


Of course Roon is in cahoots with Nucleus. They make Nucleus, but that isn’t the reason for v2.0 not working for you.

You don’t need Nucleus to run Roon v2.0. Any up to date OS and properly spec’d out PC or MAC will do. So, not sure how v2.0 is going to put Nucleus sales over the top.

All software houses put sunset dates on old software releases.

Apple isn’t updating these 2012 Mac Minis anymore. It’s to be expected that Roon would do the same at some point.


Gents, I think we can stop debating about the support topic for older Macs. Thanks.

What I am interested in is getting the 2.0 run. On newer Macs. Stable. Which is not the case.

Works perfectly fine on my M1 MacBook Air. Same for ARC. (Streaming to Cambridge CXN V2, and a raspberry pi 4k)

I had to Google what a antipodes is. Maybe they need to update their software? I remember someone had similar problems with “Linn” devices.

I hear what you are saying. Your thread has been inexcusably hi-jacked.

Those of us who can’t directly address the OP’s problem should shut the f$ck up. That includes people just want to opine about how sh$tty Roon releases are or see some great underlying conspiracy.

I thought you were GTG.

I guess this is the new problem. What is flickering?.

The problem seems that the Core on the Antipodes (Renderer where the Roon Core is on) keeps initializing constantly which means the connection isn’t stable.
That materialises with the first connection but then, when the UI with the albums etc. is there it keeps restarting again and again - which looks like it flickers but actually I assume it constantly reloads.

This problem has been reported in many threads -