Roon and Dirac won't connect

I have been using Roon with a Squeezebox Touch streaming wirelessly with no problems.

Now I got the Dirac software on trial and I can’t get Roon to play the test tones. I believe the problem is Roon does not recognize Dirac or any sounds coming from my Mac computer. I tried to play a song from my iTunes library and had the same problem (i.e. Roon does not show any sign of iTunes.

I have searched the archives but have not found any discussion relevant to my issue.

Can you please advise me what I need to do to make Roon compatible with Dirac and iTunes? I am a Roon beginner so please go easy.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Rajesh_Desai ---- Thank you for the report and apologies for the trouble here. We’ve fixed issues in the past with Dirac + Roon, but are happy to test for regressions.

I would like to get a better sense of the gear you are working and how it is being utilized. Can you please describe in detail, as seen here, your current setup. The more detailed you can be, the better :sunglasses:

You also make mention of wanting to make Roon “compatible” with iTunes. Can you expand a bit more on this for me? Are you trying to import your iTunes collection into Roon?


Hello Eric,

Thank you for your response. I

I am running the latest Mac OS, Roo and the latest Logitech server software. I have about 600 albums on the Mac hard drive and I am a subscriber to Tidal. I am streaming wirelessly from my iMac to the squeezebox. I’m using a DAC that comes with my amplifier. The Dirac software I am using is the online free trial version that works with computer only.

Streaming my iTunes library via Roon is not a priority. However I assumed that whatever is preventing me from streaming the Dirac test tones is also preventing me from connecting my iTunes library to Roon.

I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Eric, did you see my reply? My problem is still unsolved. Please help as my Dirac trial is running out. Thanks.

Hi @Rajesh_Desai ----- My apologies for the delay. Can you describe to me in detail what steps you’ve taken to configure Dirac with Roon, I want to understand the exact chain start to finish (ie Roon -> Dirac - > End point).

I also went ahead and did some research and found that another one of our Mac roon users was having difficulty enabling Dirac live with roon as well. With some adjustments to their setting they were able to get Dirac and roon to communicate as you can see here.


Eric, my problem is more basic than the person in the link you provided. Unlike him, I am unable to even create filters in Dirac. After I installed the Dirac Live Calibration Tool on my Mac, I am unable to play any Dirac test tones through Roon. When I attempt to play the test tones, they can only be heard though my computer’s speakers and not through my stereo via Roon and Squeezebox.

Dirac does not appear in my Roon settings. I believe I am missing a basic step to get the two to connect.

My chain is Roon -> Squeezebox. I would like to insert Dirac in between.

I would appreciate if you could provide simple instructions on how to get Roon to work with Dirac. I have not found any instructions in the Roon forums.

Hi @Rajesh_Desai ——Thank you for the clarification and my apologies for the slow response. I set aside time today to touch base with my developers and team members in regard to your question and how you are trying to incorporate Dirac into your setup.

My developers have advised that the configuration you are looking to implement (Roon - > Dirac - > Squeezebox) is not possible as roon does not support DSP plugins. In short the issue is that we can not loop audio to a processing step, take it back in, and then distribute it. It is a goal of the company to introduce this option into our software but as set date and time is still to be determined.


I am having a slightly different problem with getting playback via Roon and Dirac Live.

Playback generally works well with the following path on and iMac running Sierra: Roon>Dirac Live>USB out>computer input on NAD 390DD integrated. But - voltage drops and/or sleeping hardware to break the USB connection more than I would like.

However, I cannot seem to get the following path to work: Roon>Dirac Live>Ethernet>Sonore Sonicorbiter SE>optical out> optical input on NAD 390DD integrated. The problem is the Dirac Audio Processor will not allow me to choose anything other than Built-in Output or Instant On Sound Effects. If I take Dirac Live out of the path the Sonicorbiter SE to NAD 390DD option works great.

Am I missing something in directing Dirac Live to the Sonicorbiter SE successfully?

Hi @Edward_Brewer —— Thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response. I had a chance to touch base with my developers yesterday to discuss your question and this seems to be an issue/limitation with DIRAC:

“ The problem is the Dirac Audio Processor will not allow me to choose anything other than Built-in Output or Instant On Sound Effects.”

As soon as the application is removed from the chain things function correctly (Roon>Ethernet>Sonore Sonicorbiter SE>optical out> optical input on NAD 390DD integrated). My suggestion would be to reach out to DIRAC and see if anyone else has experienced the same issue as you.


Here’s what I had to do to get Dirac to work. It’s expensive but it works very well, and it’s worth it for me. I send Roonserver output on the first MacMini#1, to HQPlayer on the second MacMini#2. HQPlayer receives data from Roonserver, via ethernet from the MacMini#1, and sends it internally to the Dirac software on the MacMini#2, which in turn, sends the data out via USB to the DAC. It’s the only way I can figure out how to do it. It appears like you must have HQPlayer to make Dirac work on MacMini#2, not cheap but worth it. And the bonus it that HQPlayer improves the sound of PCM extremely well.

I recognized quickly this was likely a Dirac issue and reached out to them as well. This was the response:

I don’t think you’re missing something, you’re trying to configure a DLNA setup… in order to be able to avail of Dirac Live you’d need the Dirac plugins in the player, as mentioned for example here:

but Roon (as far as I know) does’nt support plugins, or a standalone DSP like this:

So I am guessing given my very limited understanding of the protocols involved that If the Dirac Processor is running on a music server - the connection between the server and the DAC must be USB, digital coax, or toslink. I am not sure the ethernet to Roon Endpoint path works without the plugin referenced in the Dirac response above. I have noticed some users are asking for such plugin functionality in future versions of Roon.

I am hoping someone can share a currently accessible method to get things done the ethernet route I had a power bump that apparently got thru the USB cable and blew out the USB card in my NAD 390DD. $300 to replace - but it did give me new 24/196 capabilities that I will never use. My next step will be to try a 35 foot long toslink cable from my iMac music server to the 390DD and see how that works. Should eliminate the possibility of another power bump getting from computer to stereo system.

Got Dirac running again via new USB card and new cable though. Amazing stuff.