Roon and Windows 10 New built-in Class 2 audio driver

Having problems with audio playing for 5 seconds then cuts out and forwards to next track. Been using the new Windows built-in class 2 WASAPI driver that now comes with Windows 10 Creators update. Roon seems to not like using WASAPI and event style when sending data to my DAC, but works ok with event style switched off. Tested JRiver and it works great wth event style WASAPI and windows 10 driver. I’m using a Metrum Audio Musette DAC.

Can you try with the Windows firewall (or any other firewalls) turned off?

The 5 second thing sounds like RAATServer might be getting blocked.

I’ve seen the same thing with the new driver and the Ayre Codex. I have to turn off event style or playback starts stuttering and dies after 5 seconds.

Should be a easy one for @support to reproduce.

FYI: HQPlayer is fine with it.

I use my dac direct to PC USB. not sure turning off firewall will help in this instance…

update: turned off firewall, didn’t help.

I found same thing – event style does not work

I have the same problem with Meridian USB Dacs

Hey guys – we’re going to try to reproduce this, and we’ll let you know how it goes. If there’s anything special we need to know to set this up or to get the new driver, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience here @Blaine_Arnold @DrTone @phunge @cas.


Here is a screenshot of my Esoteric K-01x as setup in windows:

The only change in Roon from default is to set it to use exclusive, and event driven:

If I turn off event driven, it works fine

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Just uninstall any audio drivers, make sure you have windows 10 build 1703. windows will automatically detect and install wasapi class 2 audio drivers when dac is connected.

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Hi Mike. Were you able to reproduce this bug?

We were able to reproduce something similar, and a ticket is open in our system.

I don’t have any feedback about the cause of the issue or a timeline for a possible fix, but we have made some progress here and the investigation continues.

Appreciate everyone’s patience!

Thanks Mike! If you need someone to do some testing on a possible fix I am happy to help.

Hey Guys,

Any progress on replicating/resolving this issue from Roon support?

I was planning upgrading my Windows 10 to the Creators Update but after reading this topic, I am a bit hesitant now.

Are there any other known issue with the Windows 10 Creators Update?

Thanks for replying.


The new driver is optional, it’s not an inherent issue with Windows 10 creators update.

install the driver that comes with your DAC, you’ll be fine.

I’ll bump this with some anecdotal contribution. Using Chord Mojo direct USB from Windows 10 creators update running build 247 with the DAC in exclusive mode. Installed the Chord Mojo windows 10 creators update drivers, after about four seconds every track (streamed or local) would completely cut out, and after another few seconds Roon would complain about the file loading slowly. Turning off “Event Driven Mode” fixed the issue.

Any news on this? I have similar problems with both a Wyred4Sound microLink and with the mTech HiFace 2. IDENTICAL behavior with both devices - which tells me it has to be Windows 10 Creators or Roon or some combination thereof.

In my case, with both devices, I get sound (correctly) for about 3-5 seconds and then I can’t get more sound at all without a reboot or whatnot.

UPDATE: turning EVENT DRIVEN off fixes it on the M2Tech HiFace 2.


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@mike – any update on this?

@mike is there an update on this?

Well, it appears to be working now! 2 things changed:

  1. I got the spring windows update with a new version of the Microsoft driver
  2. I updated to roon V1.5

Not sure which one fixed it, but it is working in exclusive mode / event driven now. Completely stable, rock solid. Just thought I would close the loop on this @DrTone @Shawn_Broderick @Kris_Poznanski @Blaine_Arnold if you are still hitting this? @mike too, if you want to close this out.