Roon ARC a great start, but it needs

My shopping list (for iOS at least):

  • Car Play support
  • Synchronised lyrics
  • tap on lyric and jump to that position in the song (Plexamp does this!)
  • Still show player controls when showing lyrics
  • Permit iOS app to run on MacOS on Apple silicon
  • Radio station support (yes I know you can use another app, just for completeness)
  • DSP support: even if this is limited to useful equalisation for headphones or car
  • Landscape support
  • Siri support: offer options like: “Hey Siri…”
    “play album dark side of the moon on Roon ARC”
    “play song stairway to heaven on Roon ARC”
    “play genre soundtracks on Roon ARC”
    “play artist the rolling stones on Roon ARC”

Also, when can’t we see the Roon ARC player on the server? Not as zone, but at least know if someone is using my server?

I like the large lyrics font. Why doesn’t the Roon app have that nice readable font?

Great start though!! The sound quality appears to be better than Plexamp that I was using.
Plexamp still has a LOT more features. Not all of them you should emulate but they have some great ideas!


And this!


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My hope is that Roon will keep Roon ARC light and simple. Remember, we’re using cellular data to communicate back and forth with our routers as well as Tidal and/or Qobuz. The more bells and whistles Roon adds to Roon ARC, the slower it will get and the more data it will use.

My preference is to use Roon for most functions and use Roon ARC just to listen to music while away from home, not much more.


Yes I agree it should be minimal and lightweight.
They have already committed to car play and the SiRi automation I see as essential for car use.

I imagine they have not enabled it to run on MacOS because they are paranoid about Roon server sharing across homes. Overly paranoid. I’d like to use it on my laptop at work.

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I just want fully functioning CarPlay. Otherwise, I like Roon ARC as is. Of course, I would like a tablet and laptop version.


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Downloaded playlists should update when they are changed in Roon.

At the moment if you download an 8gb playlist, when you add some tracks to that playlist in Roon you need to delete the playlist in ARC and re-download. Madness!

Also wondering why Plexamp can manage to port forward through my CGNAT while Roon won’t even try. In fairness Plex says it won’t work but it does anyway. Probably because the CGNAT is not as dumb as Roon supposes.

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+1 on CarPlay - as is, i can get in the car and select a playlist, but I still need CarPlay to be functional as i drive.


Yes, this is something I was questioning as well. I have the same issue and would like to use Roon ARC as my main music platform but very frustrating having large playlists and when adding a new tracks having to delete all the downloded tracks and redownload to “SYNC” the latest tracks added to the playlist. This should be fixed asap…


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Wow, maybe ask to add the ability to cook dinner too. :face_with_monocle:

CarPlay support and lyrics. That’s a good combo. :smirk:

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What Arc really needs is its own isokated community forum. Far too many Arc complaint / demand threads on this board these days.

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Yes. It is a separate app after all. :+1:

Agree with what folks are saying. However, given the fact that I spend most of my traveling time in hotel rooms rather than in a car, having access to my Roon library remotely with my XM4 headphones is a real plus. Realize this isn’t the same for everyone, but I’m happy nonetheless.

BTW, for $400, the XM4 headphones are very good.

So, Roon ARC Build 59 is out, but how do you update ARC???

I just did mine direct from the Google Playstore for Android.
Don’t have iOS so not sure if Apple version is out yet.

oke thank you! i was looking for an update button inside the ARC app…

Apps have to be updated via their respective app stores.

I was also hoping for the option to change audio output device. Right now, if I change it in the Qobuz app, say from phone output to nearby laptop through Airplay, Roon ARC will play through that device. If they give us the ability already baked into the OS to change audio output device, it would be huge.

I am grateful for ARC. I have been hoping for it. I cannot wait until it is stable and efficient using my samsung s22 ultra. I have reallly big collection but i know others with this OS that have issues. I have heard that updates that fix the issues are coming.