Roon Bridge Windows 10 breaks when RDP Session is started

i would think this is not work as design
i have tried all three settings available for RDP audio redirection - no one works
as soon as you connect to the Windows 10 PC with RDP the playback of a track stops

I think this is a problem with RDP - I seem to recall this from the days when I was playing with Roon Server on a headless Windows PC.

I believe that Teamviewer does not give this issue.

i’m working on a workaround with vmware player for non commercial use and roon bridge in virtualized linux - i let you guys know

much too complicated - it works in windows also over RDP but the sequence must be first connect RDP with play sound on remote computer and then start roon bridge program

Yes, but not for sure.
It should not be overlooked that the problem could be with Roon.
I’m sure that Support will analyse and resolve it.

Well, one thing is for certain - the combination of RDP and Roon has this issue, whilst TeamViewer and Roon does not. See this thread from a year ago:

And I doubt that Roon Labs will be devoting any resource to fixing it. They’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Well, it really isn’t a scenario I would imagine many people face… I don’t expect this will be on any priority list because it really is not a big deal… just wanted to understand the technical reasons this breaks.

How do you have your Win 10 set as an endpoint? System sounds, WASAPI, ASIO?
If your using system I’d expect a problem every time. Using one of the others should work ok.

Yep. Set your PC’s default audio device (like from the taskbar or sounds config panel) to something else, if you don’t have anything else (pretty much every motherboard has ‘something’) you can install VB Virtual Audio Cable. Then in Roon use WASAPI or ASIO instead of basic Direct Sound, you should be doing this anyways :slight_smile:
There’s also probably group policy edit for RDP audio to disable it completely.
Another solution would be VNC

I have had the same issues with RDP stopping playback by “closing/crashing” the wasapi drivers, only resolved by rebooting the win10 machine.
I migrated to VNC, no further problems!

I have switched to VNC and moved the whole roon server to the PC
With roon server under Windows 10 you need to use Mark Russinovich’s AutoAdminLogon and put the RoonServer in the Autostart of the AutoAdminLogon User Profile
RoonServer do not run as a service with no user logged in, but this deserves another thread of its own i think

I wouldn’t bother - if you look through the forum you will see this has been asked for before, and turned down by Roon Labs. They have their reasons…