Roon can't find my music files anymore since the update

Thank you for the reply. By file system I meant it’s type: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, etc. Could you, please, provide this info?


Thank you @Suedkiez,

I had to format the drive when I installed it and I know just enough about NTSF and Fat32 to remember that I checked before on Roon community to see if an option was better than the other. Can’t remember which one I choose, but the one I din’t choose seemed to be really problematic for Roon users…

Anyway, I can’t transfer my files on another drive and format again, because I don’t have another drive. And I can’t imagine that Roon people are stupid enough to impose an update that will banish NTSF or Fat32 without any kind of warning… Right?


Thank you for the reply. Could you, please, make sure that RoonServer is running on your RoonOS box at the moment. I am going to request a diagnostics report so that we can start investigating your case internally.


Ok, one minute, I will plug the Drive on the Nuc

ok, hardware is on

Thank you, @Pierre_Dallaire, confirming that your diagnostics report was received. I am going to examine it and the discuss with our tech team.

Apologies for troubles.


I see that Roon is on it, but just to clarify why I was going on about the disk format: It’s not that Roon removed support for any.

However, the new Linux kernel in the new RoonOS update has much safer NTFS support. One part of this is that it is more strict about NTFS disks being error free.

There have been several cases on the forum since, where it turned out that NTFS disks had once been connected to Windows PCs and removed by pulling the USB cable without properly doing the “safely remove” procedure of Windows. This leaves an “unclean removal” flag on the disk.

Earlier Linux kernels didn’t insist and mounted them anyway, which in some cases led to later NTFS corruption.
The new kernel, as used now by RoonOS, is strict about the NTFS requirements and refuses to mount such disks. The solution being to attach them to Windows again and doing the safe removal.

Here is one such case and Danny recommending exFAT for external drives:

Which was the recommendation previously as well. More:


I understand, but I did the procedure to securely eject the HD from Windows. I received service from Roon technician. Waiting for a diagnosis

Yeah I was not aware of that at the time and it was one thing I at least wanted to rule out first.You are in good hands now :slight_smile:

But the memory disk in my brain must be corrupted, because I was shure I have formated in exFat… Perhaps the Raid 2 option I wanted on my WD Book Duo required the NTFS… I may check

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Sorry , but this is not true . None of this had ever happened before on Nucleus+ (A) with internal Samsung 860 SSD (4tb) before early access so it is , at the very least , possible that it was somehow involved . It doesn’t mean I’m not “comfortable with computers” when something that has never happened before suddenly and repeatedly kills access to my entire library for most of a week . I’ve done Beta trials before with Roon , Sooloos,Meridian ,Trinnov, Apple ,Kodi,and Windows .

Today , internal storage disappeared yet again while adding an album to the library . So , my library counted down to zero and needed to be restored from a backup which may last for a day or a few hours before it crashes and disappears again !

In the time it took to type this ,Internal Storage has disappeared yet again from the Nucleus+ home page so whatever now ‘wrong’ is ongoing not solved .


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Well I didn’t say it’s impossible, I said it’s not most likely. And if you participated in other beta programs, you may have heard that they may uncover problems - that’s what they are for, and your reactions above seemed to me as if you are not too comfortable with this

Maybe I misinterpreted it all, does not really matter. I suggest that you post the problem in your own new thread, either in #early-access if you think that it’s a problem caused by earlyaccess, or in #support:nucleus-support to get the support that you paid for. Probably you will get faster help by Roon staff either way. However, take Thanksgiving into account, unfortunately

@ivan Any news?

Hi, @Pierre_Dallaire, sorry for the late response. We discusses this problem internally. Based on the description provided by you in this thread it’s a known problem with RoonOS and we have an open ticket for this issue.

As a workaround, we have the following suggestion:


Could you, please, try that one and in case it does not work for you, let @support know?



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@Support @ivan
Well, I finally had time to perform the proposed procedure. As soon as I plugged the hard drive back into the NUC, Roon scanned all the files again since he had access to the directory.

  1. Thank you.
  2. The solution seems simple. Why did you wait 14 days before informing me? It had already been a week since I had access to my files when I asked for help.
  3. If the solution was so simple, why did the problem occur and why was Roon unable to avoid it AND FIX IT!!!
  4. Since I have to rely on the community to get service, I have to add this: it seems to be working for the moment, but I’ll check tomorrow if everything is still ok, since several members of the Roon community have mentioned that nothing was working the next day. It’s stressful for nothing. I remain very unsatisfied with Roon’s customer service.

Hi Ivan. Another Roon update last night, the same problem… Are you kidding me???
@ivan @Support

I don’t know if that is true - had something similar happen - lost 2 tb of files - roon reports the drive is now 100 free when before it was nearly full.
I assumed it was a drive failure and replaced it with a 4tb as I don’t like using ssd at nearly 90%. But the old 2 tb is testing fine on windows? Only a couple of days now with the new ssd and all seems fine but I am not 100% sure that the old ssd was the problem.

Hi @Pierre_Dallaire,

We are discussing this with our development group and hope to have a response/fix for you tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


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