Roon crashed and now re-building

Yup…was playing some Dinosaur Jr. and Roon simply crashed. It’s now rebuilding…no idea why it crashed, suffice to say all albums/artwork etc are available to me including the crashed album using BUPnP. First time Roon has crashed, bit annoying. Lucky, I can still stream seamlessly via BUPnP.

This is not a support request - just a comment.


Wondering if the crash also corrupted your Roon library or was because of already present corruption.

I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

Backup on multiple schedules with multiple retention periods and to multiple places.

Let he who hath ears, listen.

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Hey Slim,

Since my post I haven’t tested Roon out…I think the database has been rebuilt now though. Just from quickly looking it seems right, obviously though recently added is all new, but recently played seems to reflect me playing Dinosaur Jr and a few other albums the night before.

Fingers crossed.


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Grrrrrr…haven’t had much time lately & the albums I’ve wanted I’ve played. Just went to search Morricone I see I have 3 albums…should be more like 60. Nope after the crash Roon has not built my database properly at all.


My files are all in tact and can be played, just tested a few of the missing albums. Oh, I’m likely missing from Roon a few 1000 albums.

No backup?

I do…but I’m worried I backed up the moment semi rebuilt again as per above & when I look at the backup folder, I don’t understand what I see. So I don’t want to use an incomplete backup - not very intuitive.

Perhaps by the weekend Roon may have finished rebuilding after it crashed for no reason last weekend. At least, no reason that is through no changes on my side of things & all my files perfectly playable on other software.

What I find weird about the crash is whilst Roon had to rebuild from the very beginning, it still had my last played albums stored. So why not the rest?

Roon still not doing much…like my Reggae…according to Roon I now have 2x Bob Marley albums, yet I reckon I have close to 300 reggae albums. Looks like Roon won’t be running properly after a week from its crash.

It really is rather annoying & a waste of my valuable time!

Did you try a Restore?

If you did, then try to restore a different backup.

Roon is obviously f*cked…

Moving this to the @support section.

Hi @Nostro,

I’ve just gone ahead and activated diagnostics mode for your account, and what that action does is automatically send a log set to our servers.

I took a look through the logs and I’m not seeing any corruption traces, so I would hold off on doing any library modifications at this time or trying to restore.

What I am seeing however, is a whole lot of networking errors and failure to communicate with our account services to authenticate.

What is your network setup like and rest of setup like? Please provide the details listed from this thread:

@ Slim - thanks Slim…I think I’m back up & running. :sunglasses:

Thank you Noris - seems I’m good once again without doing an individual head count. Roon now tells me I’ve got 5590 albums/68007 tracks.

Roon clearly was just taking an unusually long time to load all my albums. I’m not sure what networking errors relate to, as far as I’m aware I’ve not had any. That is no dropouts, no NAS issues and so on. And as per reports here I could certainly play my music via other streaming methods; of course, I actually wanted Roon to work.

Perhaps, I’ll leave this open until the end of the weekend and close afterward if all seems in order.

Your time is appreciated Noris…

Cheers. :smiley:

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Hi @Nostro,

It looks like the thread was auto-closed over the weekend, but it sounds like things are now in order, which is great news :+1:, if you run into any other issues with this, feel free to send me a private message and I can re-open the thread if needed.

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