Roon crashing on saturdays

Hi. Been using Roon since the start and have problems now and then but it’s been solved. This fall when listen to music on weekends, specially Saturdays it crashes multiple times in a matter of 60 minutes. The CPU light on the computer constantly is alight. This behavior is very rare Monday’s through fridays. But every Saturday and most sundays. When I check my activity handler in the computer it says only Roon is active. The problem is more frequent when playing MQA files. Would a dedicated streamer help, leaving my NUC just operating the core?

What device is your sever running on?

I’m betting your device is doing some sort of maintenance on Saturdays. If you’re running Win10, check the task manager (if you don’t know how, Google it - it’s not tricky, but not worth recapping here).

Is your server wired via ethernet or on wireless?

It’s wired.

It’s aAsus NUC i5.

Windows or ROCK as the OS?

How is your internet delivered? Your ISP may be throttling on weekends due to increased demand.

What is the operating system?

I think your computer must have some sort of scheduled task.

Try this. Change the system date to a Saturday sometime this week, and see if it happens

Hi @bigj

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Is there anything different about how you use Roon on the weekends compared to during the week that might play into this? Have you noticed any patterns?

Windows 10

Hey dylan! The system is hardwired (10-12 meters) from the router. I use a split just before my Asus Nuc. It’s a i5 with a 1.8 processor and 512 gb ram, running windows 10.

Hi @bigj,

Can you clarify on how exactly Roon is “crashing” in this case? Does the application exit by itself? Are you unable to stream certain types of music? Do you see any error messages?

Also, what kind of audio devices are you using in your setup, does this issue affect only one of the devices while the other ones still work as expected?

Hi. Most times it just freezes. Sometimes just 2 seconds, sometimes up to 30 secs. Occasignally Roon shuts down completely. The NUC feeds a Primare DAC 30 the into Primare Pre32. The light on the NUC ( indicating processor activity?) is constantly alight when this happens. According to my task manager nothing strenuous was going on last Saturday. But Roon was really bad that day. Would installing ROCK relieve the computer? Would buying a dedicated streamer relieve the NUC?

No error messages. Not sure if it’s when I stream Tidal or local files I have on a NAS.

Curious - next time it happens, can you look at the Task Manager and list the top 5 processes in terms of CPU utilization?

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Seems like roon was doing something to their servers that caused widepread outages weekend before last and the weekend before that. Maybe related?

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Hi @bigj,

Can you please note the exact local time + date in your country when you next experience this behavior? Preferably for the time that Roon shuts down completely as this might give us the most useful info. I would like to enable diagnostics mode and see if there is additional info contained in the logs.

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Unfortunately I’m out of town coming weekend but I’ll keep an eye on exact local time Next time it happens.

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Unfortunately I’m out of town coming weekend but I’ll keep an eye on exact local time Next time it happens.

After renovations of my listening room I assembled my gear today. My NUC is having a really hard time performing. First of all the Roon update took about an hour and when I put on some music it stops all the time. Looking at task manager the CPU is at 10-35 %. However the memory is between 85 and 95% and the disc 90-100%. Roon seems to be using at least 90% of the resources. What should I do? Getting really tired of not being able to play music.