Roon does not find my Bluesound Vault

I moved my Core to another Mac Mini on the same network. But I can not see the Bluesound Vault to import my music. I therefore downloaded my music from my back-up, but I would like to connect directly to my Bluesound

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

Thank you for the PM and sharing your feedback with us. Sorry to hear of the troubles.

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Would you mind if I made this a public topic so we can look into this for you?

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Hi Brian,

You might help me with the following.I read that audio is the easy part, but I am having glitches (i call them hick-ups) in following situation.

Roon installed on an “old” Mac Mini (Mid 2011) 2,3 Ghz intel Core i5, 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3
This Mac Mini works headless, and is used for Roon only.

I have two Hegel H360
Music is stored on a Bluesound Vault. Small library (less than 500 albums - less than 10,000 tracks. But I mostly listens to music via Qobuz.
When listening via Bluesound (optical connection to Hegel) everything works perfect.
But when listening directly via ethernet to Hegel (via airplay) I get glitches.
The funny thing is that the interval between glitches shortens over time. When I stop using airplay for a while, it works for some time, til the glitches reappear.

Any explanation?
i could of course add another bluesound to the second Hegel, but that is not the idea. Moreover, via airplay i can control volumes with my iPad; with Bluesound, I need the hegel remote.

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

I saw your post here and moved it to this PM where you sent me some information about issues with the Bluesound previously.

As mentioned before, would you kindly describe your current networking setup so we can better understand what you may be experiencing here?

Additionally, would you mind if we moved the entire conversation here over to #support? Thanks!

Hi Dylan,

Yes, you can move this conversation to #support.

This is my setup:

  • Roon installed on a Mac Mini (mid 2011) with 2,3 Ghz Core i5, 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3. This Mac Mini is used for Roon exclusively, and works headless. I command Roon from Iphone, Ipad or separate McMini.
  • Room 1: Hegel H360 connected with Ethernet cable to network, and also connected to Television via optical cable.
  • Room 2: Hegel H360 connected with Ethernet cable to network, also connected to Bluesound Vault (via coax).

Everything works fine when listening to music stored on the Bluesound, either directly via coax or via Ethernet (using the build-in Airplay of the Hegel). Listening with Airplay works fine in both rooms, on both Hegels.

However, when I stream music from Qobuz (i.e. not stored on the Bluesound) it works fine when going through the Bluesound via coax, but I get a lot of glitches when going directly through the ethernet/Airplay of both Hegels.

I discussed this problem already with Hegel, and this is their reply:

" The classic Airplay feature has a very little buffer and is therefore sensitive to
network issues, small network glitches that is not noticeable with normal use or streaming with a larger buffer, can cause dropouts in the music "

Do you see a solution to this problem (other than buying a separate Roon end-point in room 1) ?

Whilst I am at it: quite frequently my Ipad does not get connected with Roon even when my Iphone at the same location has no problems. Any explanation?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

As Hegel mentioned, based on the symptoms is sounds like there might be some networking issues at play. So we can better understand this, can you elaborate on your networking setup?

How are your Core, the Bluesound, and the two Hegel devices connected to the network? What networking hardware is in use? What download speeds do you typically get?

Hi Dylan,

I have a Proximus (Belgian Provider) Router b-box 3V+. You can see it at
I have a download speed of 23,7 Mbps
From this router i have “general cable 7 JETLAN5E U/UTP cat 5E 200 MHZ” going to

  • room 1 switch Netgear proSafe GS 108 and from there: Hegel / Core (Mc Mini) / TV decoder / WIFI / TV etc.
  • room 2 Apple Time Capsule and from there: WIFI / Bluesound Vault / Hegel

all cables going from Netgear and Time capsule are standard cables (type unknown to me) except for the Bluesound which is connected trough a Audio Quest Wodka

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

Just to clarify here:

  • In Room 1, the Core and Hegel 1 are connected via Ethernet to the switch, is that correct?
  • In Room 2, the Bluesound and Hegel are connected to the network via WiFi, correct?

As noted in our Networking Guide, we generally recommend against using Apple networking gear and wireless access points like this. As a test, it would be good to know if the same behavior occurs when all devices are connected to the main router (or an unmanaged switch connected to the router) via Ethernet.

Hi Dylan,

  • Room 1: yes. both connected via Ethernet to the switch
  • Room 2: no, connected via ethernet to the Apple Time Capsule (which functions as switch)

Do you suggest that I place a switch in room 2 (I have a Netgear GS105) to connect Bluesound, Hegel and Time Capsule to the network via Ethernet?

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

Using an unmanaged switch in place of the Apple Time Capsule would definitely be a good test here if you have one available. Alternatively you can connect the Bluesound and Hegel to the primary router in Room 1 and give that a test in that configuration.

Hi Dylan,

Installing the switch in room 2 made a big difference, although drop-outs continued. Listening to CD-quality was clear, but Hi-res files continued to have drop-outs.
As I mostly listen in room 2, I installed the Roon-Core (McMini) there, and moved the Bluesound to room 1.
And: miracle ! everything works fine now in both rooms !

Thanks for you good help.

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Reference: topic “Roon does not find my Bluesound Vault” that was closed in October 2019: the dropout problem has returned
My network:

  • router + unmanaged switch0
  • from switch0 one ethernet cable to unmanaged switch1 in room 1 and one ethernet cable to unmanaged switch2 in room2
  • connected to switch1 is Mac mini as Roon core and a Hegel H360
  • connected to switch2 is a second Hegel H360
    Mac mini has 2,3 Ghz Intel Core i5 and 8GB memory and runs OS X 10.11.6
    Roon version 1.7 (build 511)
    Dropouts have come back after they disappeared for months.
    No dropouts in room1 when listening to music stored on Mac mini, but dropouts in room2 when listening to the same. Everywhere dropouts when listening to any other source.

Hi @Jan_Coumans,
I’ve reopened you previous topic and merged.
Tagging @support once more.

Try and direct connect the Roon Core and the Vault, i.e. lose the two switches in room 1 and 2, and secondarily, fall back to using the switch in the router, if available?
It is NOT good network practise to connect ethernet switches in ”series”, ethernet is designed to be use in a ”star” configuration, which means one switch in each location, and then a backbone to the next location.
Can you try this?

I do not use the Vault anymore as a Roon endpoint. Hegel H360 works via Airplay which means that I can not form a zone of H360 (room 1) with Vault (room 2).
I therefore work in both rooms with airplay (over ethernet). I use the Vault only for ripping and as back-up of my library
How can I lose the switches in room 1 and 2?
In room 1 I have, the Mac mini (Roon core), the Hegel and a computer
In room 2 I have Hegel, Vault, TVdecoder, Wifi repeater, etc.

I’m sorry, i responded to the issue in the OP.
So now you are using hard wired AirPlay to both Hegels? And one of them drops out?

Hi @Jan_Coumans,

This worked fine for a while — Were there any changes to your setup around the time that this started occurring? After it started again have you tried rebooting your Core and all networking gear?