Roon does not work

For many months I have used roon + nucleus without any problem.
Suddenly this morning, the application doesn’t recognize audio zones, my playlists have disappeared and although it seems to connect to Tidal and Qobuz, the songs of those platforms and my playlists in them don’t appear in the application either.
The roon icon remains on the screen apparently looking for / synchronizing songs, but it does not find anything.
I have turned off and restarted Nucleus, the application, my router and I do not know very well what else I can do.
I need help.

There is a reason you are asked to fill in all the info when you create a new support thread…please do so…

In order for Roon’s support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Use as core a Nucleus remotely controlled by an iPad 11 or an IMac from 2019.
The Wifi network is supported by an Orbyt router, which is connected to Nucleus via an ethernet cable.
In turn, Nucleus is connected via USB to a high-end DAC.
The music I have been buying is stored in Nucleus and for streaming music I am subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz. The library should now have 8,000 songs.

Can you access the Nucleus Web based GUI on the Mac or iPad? it should look something like this but your network settings will probably be a bit different - this may or may not be part of the issue.

Yes, everything seems to be OK:

what do the audio settings look like in the roon remote? can you connect the Nucleus to the router and not the orbi?

When I enter the audio settings, nothing appears on the screen.
In my case, Orbyt acts as a router and have never had problems until today with this configuration

Have you restarted everything including the router and orbi’s and modem?

Yes, I have restarted everything (router, modem, pc …) and everything remains the same.
I can enter Roon’s application with my login, I can activate Tidal and Qobuz, but when I enter Qobuz from the app for example, the screen remains blank with roon’s logo

And yesterday my Mac was updated to the Catalina 10.15.7 version.
Can that be the problem? (with previous updates I have never had problems)

Do you have a backup created thru Settings==>Backups?

Yes, I have.

Good, you’re probably going to need it.

Let’s see what @support says.

Sorry for the trouble here, @rafael_abitbol_oever!

Would you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link? We’ll take a look at the logs to try to get an idea of what might be happening here.


Hi Dylan,
I am following your instructions to enter the database, but something is not working again.
I have followed the steps, as instructed:

  1. I have closed Roon session in all the devices where it was open.
  2. I have turned off my roon core (Nucleus)
  3. I opened Finder and browsed to smb://NUCLEUS/Data …
  4. … but the following message appears on the screen:(upload://2VGF1OSYjq4LAUkUDSCdFnd4IFT.png)

Sorry Dylan … the following message appears on the screen
There has been a problem connecting to the “NUCLEUS” server.
The server may not exist or be available at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check the network connection and try again

Turn the Nucleus back on.

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Are you sure?
I have seen this message:

These directions would seem to be wrong, or at least incomplete, in the case of a Roon OS device.

The Roon logs folder is on the Nucleus and you can’t access that folder unless the Nucleus is running.

I don’t have a Nucleus.
Is there a way to stop Roon Core, thru the Web interface without turning the Nucleus off?

The Roon Core is the same thing as the Roon Server on a Nucleus.

It’s like saying shut down the Roon application on a Windows computer (but leave your Windows computer still running, so that you can access the data folders over the network)

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