Roon functionality offline, with no internet [not on roadmap]

I understand that the internet is where all the Meta data comes from. But I also do not want to be punished when the internet is down by not being able to operate my INTERNALLY wired/wifi system that is a local network.

I do not see a CLEAR ANSWER for this on the forum’s and apologize if this has already been fully answered.

I could test this but can’t disconnect the internet for the family long-enough to prove my case. I am hoping the developers know the specific answer / vision for this issue.

SCENARIO: Internet is out or I decide to turn off my home internet (it could happen with snooping and other trumpy stuff coming down the pipe).

I would like to fully use my ROON system as it exists TODAY, understanding that it would be without further Meta or Tidal updates. That means I could use my phones/tablets/PCs/Sonos/Raspberry PI’s and it all just keeps working locally.

If I have purchased a LIFETIME license it would work forever in this condition, if I have purchased a 1 year subscription, it would work until that subscription ran out. Trials would not allow it at all.


See this.

And this

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Thank you… I already read those two… My question was more specific…
You say ONCE in a while it needs INTERNET…
I am saying / asking. If I have purchased 1 year… then why does it need to connect for 1 year to check licenses?
If I have purchased a LIFETIME… then it doesn’t have to check.
I can see if I want to SETUP a NEW CORE to release the OLD CORE maybe as an example.
You can prevent MULTIPLE CORES from being setup by requiring INTERNET for CORE SETUP…

I just don’t want to get stuck with a system that fails if/when my internet is down.
the GE WINK lightbulb required INTERNET to work, so I had to say GOODBYE WINK. .

Internet DEPENDENCE is a good idea in theory, but some of us don’t trust/believe that it will always be safe, and in some cases want to be able to be OFFLINE. I am trying to work only with companies that respect and support both models…

Thanks again,

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If you loose internet then all the tidal information and albums will dissappear from Roon. You should be able to play local music from the core just fine. However, just to be sure since everyone’s setup is different, you should test it if it is a situation that is of concern for you.

However, Roon will need to phone home to verify the license every once in awhile. I am not sure of the time period. And, if the internet it is out, you will not get the meta-data, but you can add new music.

I appreciate your help… and I understand the Tidal going away since we don’t seem to be able to LOCAL LOAD that content. Again, should live for at least 1 month without internet, but I know that’s never going to happen.

about ROON. Everyone says ROON HAS TO PHONE HOME once in a while. But no one has actually answered the question and I guess the why if it is not 1 year or NEVER.

I say this because I have paid for a 1 year license. It only needs to check next year. No daily, or weekly or monthly, or anything else… In theory if I paid for a LIFETIME then it should never have to check.

Of course I agree if I have internet it can check every second as far as I am concerned. But I don’t want my entire music system to FAIL, just because my internet is down…

My system is actually powered by SOLAR POWER AND BATTERIES… that means I could run my music even is THE POWER GRID IS DOWN… Why should the internet by my prison guard when I have paid for 1 year of freedom.

I know this sounds a bit CRAZY and I am from Montana, but the fact is this ADDITIONAL DEPENDENCY that programmers are making assuming the internet is available is another dependency I am trying to prevent.

As I stated, people using WINK lightbulbs don’t get to use their local lightbulbs/wifi if the internet is down. Just seems a bit creepy… The INTERNET of THINGS means the internet watches, knows, and learns, everything we do, which means TRUMP GETS A FULL REPORT of each day music listening… hahahahaha… and then Putin…

Anyway I love ROON, and will use is regardless, but I am trying to point out, that SOFTWARE I buy / license should work on my computers without outside interference, as an option… without having to pull teeth and beg for it.



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This is not just a question for the issue of the internet going down. I’ve wondered about this for folks that like to have a system in a non-internet accessible area. I have thought about giving up internet at my weekend cottage. Don’t really need it and the service is so bad to make it actually bothersome to try to use. Certainly not good for continuous streaming. But how would I run Roon at that location without an internet connection. (and I can’t use an iphone to create a hot spot temporarily either as the cell service is virtually non existent unless I walk a block and stand in the middle of the road.).

In comparison, I can run LMS on a server, with all my music, and a local network created by a router with wifi, etc. All can work without ever seeing the internet. I do understand the “data” issue. Maybe without constantly updating data, roon doesn’t think anyone would want to use it. Certainly it would be more limited. But it would still be a good system with the tags of the music, the server/player system, synching multiple players, etc.

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The reality is if 99% of the META DATA/LYRICS etc has been stored in my local database, ROON remains amazingly valuable and effective. Its about BOTH, not one or the other… ROON making the decision (an awesome one at that) to have a CORE that is basically a SERVER/DATABASE have provided the option for speed, local support, and a massive improvement to the value of the MUSIC WE OWN… That’s the value. Not whether I can get the latest Beyonce’ video off Tidal…

What is LMS…

Yup, found it… looks like they were on the right track… Most people do not know the massive effort it takes to write and support such complex software as ROON. Roon has installed and operated in my very very very complex world… PERFECTLY… I really praise the ROON development and testing teams!!!

Perhaps you missed it, but in the second thread that was posted was a reply from @danny - Roon’s COO, where he stated that the period that Roon could be off-grid for was “many weeks”.

Yep, Squeezeboxes and slimdevices server software (ultimately LMS) were early innovators in the area of network music players. Excellent synching, quality network playback mechanisms, support of many codecs, etc. (all at a low price/high quality) Particularly before Logitech bought them 12 or so years ago. Roon has now moved that forward even more.

I did see this… It is still vague…a few weeks is not a line of code.

If not checked in days is < 23 days stop working.
Then the answer is 23 days.

My question and feature request is more simple and remains unanswered.

Can/will Roon work for my paid for license period off line… If I choose to remain off line for longer than a few weeks.

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Technically it could be. Assuming the common use case of a few being three:
Int few = 3
If (weeks < few), {}…

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :grin:

The number is 30 days. Roon software requires an internet connection, but supports going offline for up to 30 days. This is a core part of our license checking system. You may not be able to see how this works but the pirates can.

Also, it’s a requirement for lyrics reporting that we must adhere to. Lyrics copyright owners requires monthly reports on lyrics viewed.

EDIT (September 20, 2022):

With the Roon Core on version 2.0, the grace period is not 30 days anymore. You must have internet access to run the Roon Core 2.0. If you require offline access for any substantial period of time, you must stay on 1.8 Legacy.


That is a great and complete answer!!! Yeah!!
And Pirates are evil and I don’t understand them because they are evil…

Thanks Roon,

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Finally found the answer to my question (I think). This thread is couched around intermittent internet access. But the real point here is that the Roon core will stop working if it can’t verify the license state.

So I spend $500 on a permanent license and Roon goes bust, the license servers are no longer there and my player/Roon core stop working. Is that about right?

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Nope. Long since answered many times over…